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Enjoyment of the whispering winds, the zephyrs, the airstreams of the Sierra Nevada and Great Basin areas of the United States in a recreational vehicle.

Sierra Nevada Unit, WBCCI

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Newsletters from the WBCCI Sierra Nevada Unit are available in Adobe PDF format. The size is about 200KB to 300 KB which may take a few minutes to load with a dial up situation. For help in viewing the PDF format, see the help for document formats at

The SNU has always considered the newsletter as our primary communication and promotional effort. In addition, the newsletter is the vehicle by which most SNU business is shared with members and it serves as the official record for SNU business. SNU newsletter archives only go back to about 1997. The newsletters prior to then along with most other records from the SNU have been lost. In the early years, the newsletters were usually one page. The primary topics were a review of the most recent activity, a notice about the next upcoming activity, and an update on the health, birthdays, and anniversaries of SNU members. Around 2003 the newsletters went through a lot of changes. They began to include articles of interest such as the physics of RV’s, winterizing, and travel tips. Newsletters were often two to four pages. It was around 2003 that the SNU first began to distribute the newsletter via email. That year also included the first publication of an SNU promotion as part of the newsletter. In 2006 the SNU codified its basic principles regarding the newsletter as part of the SNU Op Notes. One decision was that the standard newsletter format would be kept to four pages. After 2006 the newsletters began to include more articles written by various SNU member

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Benefits of an online newsletter and Why the SNU doesn’t send the newsletter as an email attachement -|- SNU Op-Notes regarding the newsletter

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