Sierra Nevada Airstreams

Enjoyment of the whispering winds, the zephyrs, the airstreams of the Sierra Nevada and Great Basin areas of the United States in a recreational vehicle.
β€œAny Airstream trailer can go over any road.” - Wally Byam from the 1957 Caravan to Mexico instructions

Owner's Guide

Getting out and about and enjoying the airstreams of the Sierra Nevada and Great Basin will be safer, more comfortable and more enjoyable if you and your equipment are prepared and you know what is going on and what can be found.

Why another Guide?

It seems there is a lot of specific information out there: step by step guides; how-to instructions; and other recipes for recreational vehicle owners - why offer yet another one?

It is hoped that this owner's guide will offer a different perspective, a different focus, and a different compilation that will be useful to those trying to enjoy their experience in the Sierra Nevada and Great Basin airstreams. What is offered here has its focus on the 'behind the scenes' information and underlying principles. The hope is that those who can learn about the principles involved will be able to use that information to ask questions that are easier to answer and direct research to get exactly what they need to solve their curiosity. As an internet based Guide, most pages will have links to other resources readers can use to learn about the topic in more depth and from different perspectives.

This Guide is in the process of being created. Your feedback can help make it a more useful Guide and guide. Tell us what you think about what we have put together so far. Is there a topic you'd like to know about that isn't covered here, yet? Do you have a story or a link or some information to add to our Guide? Please send them along to

Background for the Owner's Guide project

What's in the Guide?


Levels of preparedness, checklists, being ready for emergencies - how to prepare yourself, your rig, and your guests for a successful and fun outing.


Information and ideas for the driver of recreational vehicles. Speed Traps, Courtesy, Road running, geometry, physics, the other driver,


Making living in your RV comfortable and safe. Choosing a homestead, coffee, water, condensation, emergency preparedness, exercise, diet,


Getting out and seeing the big wide world! Identity Theft, Taking better pictures,


Joining others to share the enjoyment of the RV experience brings many rewards. Find out about Buddy Travels, Rallies, Caravans, and other resources for those who share an interest in the RV experience


The family side of RV'ing – traveling with kids and pets.


Keeping your rig ready to go and safe on the road and in camp. Plumbing, electrical, propane, sway control, hitches, tires, electricity, energy, bearings -


Updating, repairing, and remodeling projects – door locks, kitchen remodels, vent replacement, adding bunk beds,


Getting a grip on the science and technology that improves your RV experience. Electricity, electrical systems, energy, batteries, configuring battery banks.


Events and activities in the communities we live in or the communities we travel to. - Reno Air Races | Washoe County Sentinel Flock | Hot August Nights | Vintage rally at Camp Richardson


The avocational side of life for growth and fulfillment - Birds and wildlife -|- Geology, geography, and maps -|- History -|- Climate and environment -|- see also - NOAA Reno Weather Office -|- Where is Sierra Nevada Unit Home Territory?


Many of the articles in this guide include a reference section with pertinent links for additional information. Here is a sample.

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