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Enjoyment of the whispering winds, the zephyrs, the airstreams of the Sierra Nevada and Great Basin areas of the United States in a recreational vehicle.

2006 Pee Wee set for a morning walk

Dale (Pee Wee) Schwamborn

A brief biography

Here is my picture that appeared in the passport that I never used.


In Aman, Jordan I purchased a head dress. When the two Caravans the African and European met at the Yugoslavian border, the gear went on the head and out to meet my Mother. The one pictues is that meeting .

The second picture is Déjà vu of the exciting, days of yore. Pee Wee of Airstream riding from Cape Town to Italy on a shiny steed.


Pee Wee is a behind the scenes element in the history of WBCCI. As Wally Byam said, Pee Wee “accompanied me on my first and last Caravan” Pee Wee was much more than a kid on an adventure of a lifetime. Even at a young age - he was 12 when he went with Wally on the first Caravan to Mexico and Central America – Pee Wee was in many ways, the son Wally never had. Pee Wee was given many key jobs on caravans, including guinea pig for ideas and plans, scout, diplomat, recorder, driver, all around errand boy, and confidant. When Wally needed a young squirt he could count on, the person he chose was Pee Wee. Wally Byam and Pee Wee's mother, Helen Byam Schwamborn may be the more visible foundation of WBCCI but Pee Wee had his own role to play in the development of the organization.

Pee Wee's bolo ties and nametags - Click on image for larger view

First Caravanner, Charter Member of the WBCCI

Wally Byam’s first cousin once removed

Son of Henry and Helen Byam Schwamborn

Central America 1951 – 1952

Eastern Canada 1955 and 1957

Europe 1956

Africa, Holy Land and Europe 1959 – 1960

See America First Caravan 1965

Recent Airstream travels

Airstream Employee 1964 – 1969

Married to Susan in 1967 - I visited Pete Turner while I was in the Army and Fort Dix, NJ. He invited me to a party. I met a student nurse, Susan Maki. Susan is now Susan Schwamborn.

Susan memories and photos (click to view)

Western Photographer Magazine article and pictures

These photos and blurb are 28 years old. Ft. Tejon used begin in April and went until October, once a month. The last one was open to all of the state groups. Horses, cannons, bands, tents, a lot of fun. Ft. Tejon is a very interesting old military camp going back to the 1860's.

Pee Wee - the Photographer

Pee Wee - the Author   Articles written about WBCCI and Airstream history

Pee Wee - the traveler   China, Russia

Photo gallery of miscellaneous pictures

Click here for more photos, documents and other tidbits from Pee Wee

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