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Identification of rig and person at group events

Identification of people and property participating in a group event serves several purposes. The identification as a member of the group means people are not alone and they belong to something they believe is worthwhile. It breaks down barriers to help folks reach out and say hello. Identification also helps encourage interest in the group by those who are not a part of the group yet notice its identifying marks.

The WBCCI has guidelines for identification that they have found useful on their caravans. These include rig numbers and personal name tags.


Why and How


The big red numbers you see on WBCCI member RV's are used to assist in caravan management. Other organizations also use large identifying numbers and even governments use this mechanism in the form of license plates. At a rally site, these also serve the same purpose as street numbers on houses.


Name badges should be worn by participants in a caravan or rally at any gathering of the members. These badges should be more than the generic stick on types you can purchase at the office supply store. They need to clearly identify the wearer as part of the group as well as the name of the individual.

Call signs

Call signs are nicknames that are usually self applied. The idea is to have a unique simple name to use to establish identity in group conversations at distance such as over the CB radio. For media requiring license, such as amateur radio, special call signs are assigned by the licensing authority.

Logos and Symbols

A logo or symbol is like a pictorial nickname used to quickly identify the group. Large organizations will often have a logo and their local chapters or units may also have logos. Sometimes even major activities such as caravans or rallies may have a specific logo to identify that particular activity. Logos and symbols aid in quick recognition of bulletin boards and publicity materials and can also be placed on name tags and other identifiers to assist in placing the person or property with the group or activity.


Participants and activity inventory managers should also see that their property is identified. Anything that will be used outside of the rig, such as chairs, glasses, dinnerware, fittings, hoses, cables, chocks, or even clothes should be marked so that its owner can be found if it is misplaced or lost.


The privacy of information about participants must not be ignored. This is why names of individuals should not be displayed except on the individual's person or with permission or as per established precedent (e.g. news items). Always keep information such as social security numbers, driver's license numbers, or any financial account numbers under close supervision guided by well defined procedure and policy.

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