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The Early Days of WBCCI – The Triad

Dale (Pee Wee) Schwamborn

The following was developed from notes taken in phone conversations with Pee Wee in January 2008

There were three people instrumental in the creation and development of WBCCI. Without them and a group of dedicated caravanners WBCCI would not exist today or would be a different organization.

These three people were:

Wally Byam - the creative and imaginative motivating force behind Airstream trailers and the caravans developed in part to promote the trailers and the lifestyle they represented.

Stella Byam – Wally's wife. The mostly behind the scenes supporter of Wally and his adventures. The perfect compliment to Wally, Stella was a quiet but effective ambassador and public relations partner.

Helen Byam Schwamborn – The organizer, the diplomat and the “people” person. Helen was the one to whom caravanners turned for assistance and support. She handled the concerns and issues that came up at rallies and on caravans thus making it easier for Wally to focus on other aspects of these adventures. She was responsible for much of the planning, organizing, and production that made things happen smoothly and efficiently.

It was the combination of these three people, whose talents, skills, and personalities worked so effectively together that made WBCCI the first organization of it's kind. An organization that as of 2008, is the longest still active and most recognized RV association in the world. Wally's trust in both Stella and Helen and his respect for their opinions and input supported the development of an organization open to the needs and interests of the membership. Helen and Stella were the best of friends. They balanced out the sometimes abrasive edges of Wally's creative and impatient personality. They made the perfect team to provide support to Wally on the often very tiring and sometimes arduous caravans and rallies.

Together Wally, Stella, and Helen helped create the foundation for an association that included many activities and traditions that were unique in the 1950's. This foundation still functions to the present day and continues to change and evolve while maintaining many of the traditions of the past.

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