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Enjoyment of the whispering winds, the zephyrs, the airstreams of the Sierra Nevada and Great Basin areas of the United States in a recreational vehicle.

Stella Byam

The following was developed from notes taken in phone conversations with Pee Wee in January 2008

Stella with Wally and his publisher

Stella was Wally's second wife. Pee Wee isn't sure how they met. He always thought of her as an “aunt”. The family called her Stel

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His first memory of her was on a camping trip in the Sierra's before Wally and Stel were married. Wally was essentially checking Pee Wee out to determine if he should take him on a caravan to Mexico and Central America. Stel was along on that camping trip too. Pee Wee's most vivid memory was Stel's spaghetti. She hadn't taken into account the high altitude and the spaghetti turned to mush. A similar memory was on the 1951 Caravan to Mexico and Central American when Stel made a stew with chilis that was too hot to eat. Despite these incidents, Pee Wee says Stel was a very good cook.

Both Pee Wee and Stel went on the 1951 Caravan to Mexico and Central America along with Stel's mother Lela. Stel and Lela had their own Airstream and Stel did the driving. Pee Wee says he often went grocery shopping with Stel on that trip.

Wally married Estelle (Stel) Hall September 5, 1953. From the beginning Stel was an enthusiastic participant in caravans and rallies.