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What to expect at an Sierra Nevada Unit rally

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In General

The SNU is a very informal, flexible group. We keep planning to a minimum. We very seldom choose sites or plan activities that require a definite count, a reservation, or advanced payment. Everyone chips in and does what is needed. We are always open to ideas and suggestions as to future rally sites, activities, and other suggestions that will make our rallies even more enjoyable for the participants.

We welcome all Airstream and Argosy owners and potential owners, whether or not they are currently a member of the SNU.

Signing up for a rally

The SNU encourages people planning to attend a rally to rsvp. You can do this by using the sign-up form for each rally posted on the website or you can send an email to Although we would really like to know if you plan to attend, especially if we have some special activity planned or limited parking, we will be happy to welcome you even without prior notice.

Rally Fees

The SNU rally kitty is $5 per night per rig. Some sites may require each individual pay an additional campground fee. This information will be listed on the individual rally page. Rally kitty fees can be paid on line. Check the particular rally page

Arrivals and departures

Rallies are usually Thursday through Sunday events. Arrival and departures are open and up to each individual. In general, arrival time is anytime after noon on Thursday. Departures are usually sometime around noon on Sunday. We welcome and encourage people to come whenever and for however long their schedule allows, even it it is for just one night or just to visit for a few hours.

Pets and Kids

You bet! We welcome kids of all ages from newborns to kids in their 90's. Although we don't have any planned activities, the kids who have participated in SNU rallies have found plenty to do and are a welcome part of the group.

Pets are also welcome as long as they come with well behaved owners who understand the need for common courtesy and respecting standard campground rules. Check our webpage regarding pets.


Except for the arrival night and breakfasts, we usually eat most meals together. Instead of traditional potlucks, these are better described as shared meals. Each person essentially fixes their own meal, what they want to eat and maybe a little extra.. We usually put everything on a buffet table and enjoy sampling each others contributions. We very seldom plan ahead as to who brings what. So far this has worked great for us. We have never run short and never ended up with all salads or all desserts. We never know for sure how many people will come. There are usually at least 4 rigs maybe as many as 15. What it boils down to is bring whatever you want to eat with maybe a little extra to share.

Meals shared or not, are a personal choice. There are no obligations for contributing to, or participating in shared meals, potlucks, or any other eating experience.

We also usually have happy hours around 5pm or so. Again an impromptu affair.

Coffee is available about 7am and usually somebody brings some danish, banana bread, muffins, etc. Again nothing fancy, nothing formal.

Check our webpages for general information on food and camping


We usually try to have some special activity during the rally but participation is optional and up to each individual. Past special activities include a guided tour of the ghost town of Bodie, a drive up Sage Hen summit, breakfast at a bed and breakfast, A visit to a Civil War re-enactment, and an ice cream social after a pot luck meal.

We list nearby attractions, historical sites, and available activities on the web pages of each rally. If a few people decide they want to go somewhere or do something they usually let everyone know and then anyone who wants to go joins the initiators.

We usually have a business meeting on Saturday around noon and everyone is welcome. Another laid back affair.

Other than that it is whatever suits you. Hikes, horseshoes, visiting nearby hot springs, card games, and fishing are some of the possibilities.

SNU traditions

Many SNU members take an inspirational nap in the afternoon after a morning of strenuous activity such as getting out of your chair to go get more coffee or brainstorming crazy ideas for future rallies.

We end the day with a campfire in the evening. We encourage everyone to bring some wood for the campfire.

Check the website to see photo galleries of previous rallies

Pink Flamingos (usually)

What rally is complete without a few Pink Flamingos. The current reigning flamingos are the creation of our guests, Claudia and Don who visited our Hat Creek Rally.

More information on Pink Flamingos

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