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Enjoyment of the whispering winds, the zephyrs, the airstreams of the Sierra Nevada and Great Basin areas of the United States in a recreational vehicle.

Sierra Nevada Unit, Wally Byam Caravan Club International

Operational Notes

The following are concepts by which the Sierra Nevada Unit operates. They provide the basis for the decisions and actions of the SNU.

Fiscal Guidelines


Every organization needs funding to support its operations, its member benefits, and its programs. The SNU relies upon voluntary contributions in small amounts by those participating in its activities for its basic funding needs. The philosophy behind the Sierra Nevada Unit's financial management is that the Unit exists to provide Airstream owners within it's territory the opportunity to enjoy fun and fellowship through rallies and other Unit activities. The guiding principles are that any monetary contributions are fair for all participating members and that the SNU meets it's expenses, debts, and obligations.

All monies received by the SNU, such as dues, kitty kall, and other contributions, support the activities and events of the SNU and it's newsletter. Items supported include reservation fees for rally sites, newsletter supplies and distribution, expenses incurred in support of the overall membership including nametags, rally supplies, and operating expenses.

Flat fee

SNU members have chosen to set a voluntary flat fee for both it's rallies and it's luncheons. Rally and luncheon fees are set so that income from these sources will exceed the average cost SNU encounters in conducting these events. The amount requested is rounded up to the nearest $5. Note that these fees are solicited donations for the general SNU fund and not a charge assessed for a specific benefit, good, or service. As such, the donations made may be considered tax deductible.

The payment of rally and luncheon fees being totally voluntary also means that they are also a vote of acceptance by the participants involved. Reasons for nonpayment could include just a short rally visit, a visitor to a luncheon who does not order a meal, or disgruntlement about some aspect of the amounts or process. If or when SNU notes that its receipts become deficient by patterns of lack of support, then the matter of funding and benefit and support need to be addressed as a topic of discussion at meetings.

This system has proved beneficial in that people know what to expect and can plan accordingly. There is no ambiguity or change in what the Kitty Kall will be. This enables participants to focus on what's important – enjoying the fellowship of other Airstreamers and not fusing about how much they owe.

Dues & Kitty Kall

Dues - Membership dues are required to obtain recognized member status. Voting members pay WBCCI international dues as well as SNU dues through the Unit. As of 2015, WBCCI dues are $65 per year and are paid with the SNU dues of $10 per year for a total annual dues assessment of $75. Affiliate members who vote in WBCCI through another Unit pay only the SNU dues set at $10 per year as of 2015. The SNU strives to keep expenses minimal so that dues can remain as low as possible.

Rally Fees - Rally sites are chosen by the general membership to provide variety in types and location of sites. Costs are taken into consideration and high fee areas are balanced with minimal or no fee areas to assist the SNU to keep rally costs at a minimum. Group fees will be paid by the SNU. Individual members will be required to pay their own fees for any rally site that requires individual campsite fees.

Kitty Kall - Kitty Kall fees go into the general fund and are used to pay actual expenditures for rallies and luncheons. Any excess collected is used to balance out the overall expenses of SNU rallies and other activities. With the luncheon kitty It is up to each participant to determine if they wish to pay the expected kitty amount or if their actual costs are more or less than the average, to pay what they feel is appropriate.

Rally Kitty Kall - A $5 per night the per rig per night kitty kall contribution is expected from each participant at any SNU rally.

Lunch Kitty Kall - Unless the members decide otherwise or circumstances warrant, the SNU will expect each participant (each individual) at an SNU lunch to contribute $15 per person to the kitty. This amount will cover the average cost of lunch as well as tax and tip.

A flexible system of financial accountability has been established by the SNU to support it's goal of encouraging participation of all members. Within this system, each participating member will be expected to be accountable for payment of fees such as dues and rally fees in a timely manner on their own initiative.

How SNU funds are spent

Funds are not the only contribution to SNU. Volunteers contribute time and material as well.


Web site, newsletter publication and distribution, publicity,

member benefits:

incidental rally expenses, name tags,


luncheon meeting costs, group reservation and site rental costs

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