Sierra Nevada Airstreams - Recreation with vehicles in the Sierra Nevada and American Great Basin areas

SNU rally site categories

A general guideline – This is partly for fun but it is also a fairly good description of the types of rally sites visited by the SNU.


Likely Road surface

Road grade




1 - easy living


less than 3%

any rig/any driver

all for long stay/phone, communication, water, sewer. electric

Walker River Resort. Weed Heights RV Park

2 - no worries


3% to 7%

any rig/careful driver

basic, available close to hand

NV state parks

3 - test your skills


7% to 10%

most rigs/careful driver


Boca Springs, Ft Sage

4 - adventurous


10% to 15%

limited rigs/careful driver


Meadowview, Obsidian, Petersen Ranch

5 - Jerry site

what road?

over %15

limited rigs/skilled driver


Jarbidge hunt camp


Category 1 Walker River Resort

Category 2 Washoe Lake State Park

Category 3 Boca Springs

Category 4 Meadowview

Category 3 Sage Hen

no facilities

Category 4 Obsidian Dome

no facilities

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