Sierra Nevada Airstreams: Memories

Enjoyment of the whispering winds, the zephyrs, the airstreams of the Sierra Nevada and Great Basin areas of the United States in a recreational vehicle.

About people gathering with a common interest

Airstream Rallies

Sierra Nevada Unit, Other WBCCI Units, Region Rallies, WBCCI International Rallies, and other Airstream gatherings

Note: pictures in these photo galleries were taken by a variety of people and used with permission. Many of the pictures, in particular of the SNU rallies, include the initials of the photographer in the name. Under the picture in the gallery you will notice string of characters and numbers. This is the name of the photograph. They usually start with the date of the photo, then have an identifying number, then an abbreviated description. The initials of the photographer are at the end of the number. Usually the photographs with no initials are those taken by members of the Leipper family. Example: 06jl22-0002jt-sagehen-vista.jpg This photo was taken July 22, 2006 by Jerry Thornburg. Click here for the SNU photo policies.



2021 and 2022

Rye Patch -|- Walker River -|- Twin Lakes -|- Crocker -|- Weed Heights -|- Ft Churchill

2019 and 2020

Washoe Lake -|- Rye Patch -|- Lassen -|- Weed Heights -|- Hope Valley -|- Walker River -|- Fort Churchill -|- Hickison -|- Lahontan

Walker River State Recreation Area

2017 and 2018

Lahontan -|- Ft Sage -|- Sweetwater -|- Crocker -|- Weed Heights -|- Green Creek -|- Lassen RV Resort -|- Boca Rest -|- Lahontan -|- Ft Churchill -|- Eagle Lake -|- Glass Creek

Eagle Lake

2015 and 2016

Lahontan -|- Ft Sage -|- Lassen RV Park -|- Sweetwater -|- Weed Heights -|- Prosser -|- Glass Creek -|- Washoe Lake -|- Ft Churchill -|- Crocker -|- Hickison Petroglyph -|- Weed Heights -|- Obsidian Dome -|- Lassen RV Park -|- Scout Camp

Ft Churchill

2013 and 2014

Lahontan -|- Ft Sage -|- Rocky Point Eagle Lake -|- Green Creek -|- Weed Heights -|- Obsidian Dome -|- Cantaloupe Festival, Fallon -|- Crocker, Beckwourth -|- Death Valley Mesquite -|- Lahontan -|- Boca Rest -|- Rocky Point -|- Sweetwater -|- Weed Heights -|- Obsidian Dome -|- Crocker -|- Ft Churchill -|- Death Valley Mesquite

Eagle Lake

2011 and 2012

Weed Heights -|- Boca Rest -|- Ft Sage -|-Sweetwater -|- Hickison petroglyphs -|- Obsidian Dome -|- South Lake Tahoe -|- Scout Camp -|- Mason Valley Wildlife -|- Pyramid Lake -|- Rocky Point -|- Crocker -|- Weed Heights -|- Obsidian Dome -|- Fallon Cantaloupe Festival -|- Lahontan -|- Death Valley

South Lake Tahoe

2009 and 2010

Weed Heights -|- Boca Springs -|- Silver Springs -|- Sweetwater -|- Petersen Ranch -|- Obsidian Dome -|- Unionville -|- Mason Valley Wildlife -|- Death Valley -|- Weed Heights -|- Pyramid Lake -|- Ft Sage -|- Unionville -|- Crocker -|- Eagle Lake -|- Obsidian -|- Lahonton -|- Death Valley

Mason Valley

2007 and 2008

Washoe Lake -|- Lahonton -|- Ramhorn Springs -|- Unionville -|- Obsidian Dome -|- Twin Lakes -|- Lahonton -|- Ft. Sage -|- Portola -|- Pyramid Lake -|- Sweetwater Summit -|- Death Valley -|- Eagle Lake -|- Hope Valley


2005 and 2006

Rye Patch -|- Fran's -|- Kingston -|- Davis Creek -|- Boca Springs -|- Spooner Lake -|- Twin Lakes -|- Eagle Lake -|- Pyramid Lake -|- Washoe Lake -|- Walker River Resort -|- Unionville -|- Obsidian Dome -|- Hat Creek -|- Lahonton -|- Ft Chruchill Orchard -|- Idaho Unit rally


2003 and 2004

Lahonton -|- Davis Creek -|- Boca Springs -|- Twin Lakes -|- Dayton State Park -|- Pyramid Lake -|- Spooner Lake -|- Lahonton State Park -|- NorCal rally at Susanville -|- NorCal rally at Quincy

Twin Lakes

2000, 2001 & 2002

Davis Creek -|- Lahonton -|- Hat Creek -|- Washoe Lake

Washoe Lake

1970's, 1980's & 1990's

Rallies of the Monterey Bay California Unit and the Sierra Nevada Unit

Hat Creek

1950's & 1960's

The early days - Rallies in Arizona, Nevada, Texas, and other states


WBCCI International Rallies

59 Wisconsin Dells, WI -|- 60 Colorado Springs, CO -|- 62 Auburn, WA -|- 63 Bimidgi, MN -|- 86 Boise, ID -|- 98 Boise, ID -|- 06 Salem, OR -|- 2008 Bozeman -|- 2009 Madison


WBCCI Regional Rallies

1979's and 1980's Region 12 rallies and Region 12 rallies in 2004 -|- 2009 -|- 2011 -|- 2012

Los Banos

WBCCI Special Rallies

2010 Rose Parade rally -|- 2010 Hobo Rally -|- 2013 Hobo Rally -|- 2014 Hobo Rally

Rally Ribbons

Many WBCCI rallies, whether Unit, Region or International create a ribbon which is given to each participant.

Commemorative tags

Like ribbons, these are often given to participants at WBCCI, Region or Unit events

Rally photo galleries by topic

These galleries highlight various aspects of rallies and other Airstream related activities. Although some other units are included, the focus is on the Sierra Nevada Unit. These galleries mainly cover the years 1998 through 2017. The galleries are divided into primary groups, each group has several galleries. The primary groups are Activities, Airstreams, Highlighting People, Outdoors and People and Their Pets. This set of galleries was inspired by Anita #1183. She is the one who has created and maintains these galleries. Although most of the pictures in these galleries are included in the photo galleries of rallies listed above, Anita’s creation of these galleries by topic provided an opportunity to include some additional photos. Viewing pictures by topic provides unique insight and emphasizes some special aspects of SNU activities. For instance, all the beautiful sunsets and moon rises we have witnessed at rallies. Or the fantastic scenery, the wildlife and the lakes, rivers and streams. Then there is the creativity and the projects we have carried out at rallies. The number of visitors, family and guests who have joined us at rallies is amazing. This project is continually evolving and changing so check back often.

Rally Reviews Master List

These are the reviews of SNU and other rallies that were written and published in SNU newsletters

All About SNU Rallies

Everything and anything related to how SNU rallies are planned and carried out. Information includes how locations are found, criteria used for selecting rally sites, what to expect at an SNU rally, overview of rally sites, special rally activities and much more.

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