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The Plastic Pink Flamingo (PPF)


What is it with the RV enthusiast and the PPF phenomena?

Something to do with a 'trailer trash' mentality?

Or maybe it brings back memories of the heyday at the beginning of the modern RV phenomena?

Or maybe just a sense of humor and comfort with oneself?

Lawn and garden ornaments have been around as long as there have been defined lawns and gardens. When World War II finished there was a lot of new technology and a lot of people building countries and homes and lawns and gardens. The market was ripe for Union Products of Leominster, Massachusetts to introduce their “Plastics for the Lawn” in 1946. These were silhouette ornaments of frogs, dogs, and ducks. In 1956 Union Products hired a student of classical sculpture Don Featherstone to design more realistic versions of these lawn ornaments. First was a duck modeled on a bird in a nearby park. Then a flamingo based on pictures from National Geographic magazine. The rest was history.


History and lore

PPF Activism

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