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Application to join a Caravan

The application to join your caravan is the second phase of your marketing effort. The application needs to sell not only your caravan but also participation in your caravan supporting its ultimate success. The application is essentially a contract between the Caravan and the participant where each agrees to do certain things for each other. As such, it needs to be complete and explicit.

Since the application contains personal information, policies and procedures need to be defined, implemented, and supervised to assure proper confidentiality of information. Applicants should be notified about these processes used to protect their information and the intended use of the information collected.

Identify the Caravan

The application should first identify the Caravan with item such as a name, focus or theme, primary objectives, dates of activities, and important conditions and caveats.

Identify the prospective applicants

Since a caravan is composed of RV rigs each containing one or more people, the applicants need to identify not only the rig but also each person who will be traveling with that rig. The application should make clear who is the primary contact for the rig and how to communicate with each and every participant.

Provide information about applicant needs and interests

The information a caravan needs about its participants serves several purposes. These include preparation for emergencies and disasters, planning for events and activities of interest to participants, and planning for the possible utilization of special skills or capabilities the participant may bring to the caravan effort.

Solicit participation

The application is where you can sell the volunteer jobs that need to be performed for a successful caravan. Describing the jobs that needs to be done will also communicate the scope and breadth of the caravan activities and events. The application is a first step in finding volunteers to accomplish needed caravan tasks.

Create an explicit agreement or contract between the Caravan and the applicant

When the applicant provides a payment and the application, it should be considered a legal and binding contract between the applicant and the Caravan. The application should make this clear and leave no doubts as to the nature of the agreement, its scope, and its terms.

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