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WBCCI #772 (1955-1980) Jo &Bryan Harrison

Wally Byam Caravan Club International (WBCCI) Memories

These pictures are samples from almost 15 years of caravanning experienced by Jo and Bryan Harrison (WBCCI #772). When Bryan Harrison retired, He and his wife Josephine became full time Airstream RV'rs. The pictures cover the period 1954 through 1969. From about 1970 to 1980, after the death of his wife, Jo, Bryan Harrison kept his membership and attended rallies with Dale & Virginia Leipper.

Jo and Bryan Harrison started a family tradition. Their daughter Virginia and her husband Dale Leipper became members of the Monterey Bay Unit in the early 1970's when they bought their first Airstream - a Bambi.

Virginia and Dale's son, Bryan and daughter, Diane also joined WBCCI in the 1990's when they purchased an Airstream from a member of the Monterey Unit. With the support of the Monterey Bay Unit they were able to obtain their grandparents original membership number.

In 2004 Virginia and Dale's youngest daughter. Anita her first Airstream and has become a member of WBCCI.

In 2000 we began scanning all of our grandparents pictures and documents related to their experiences with WBCCI. We have now digitized hundreds of pictures, many from the negatives, newspaper articles, caravan documentation, rally programs, and other materials.

Another important part of this documentation are the log books written by both Bryan and Jo Harrison. They kept detailed travel logs and also photograph logs. These photograph logs are dated and numbered and provide descriptions of each photograph or slide Bryan had organized.

Photo Albums

Due to the amount of material in this collection we may rotate what is posted on the web. In addition we continually find more photos , some of which need to be added to existing photo galleries. Bookmark this page to keep an eye on what is currently posted and check other galleries for new additions. If you have an interest in a particular item that is not currently posted please let us know. Please note that the PDF files may be fairly large and may take time to download.

Bryan & Jo Harrison, Lois & Garnet Best

One of the special things about owning an Airstream and belonging to WBCCI are the friendships you make.

Bryan and Jo Harrison met up with Lois and Garnet Best early on in their Airstream adventures. They became very close friends and attended rallies, went on caravans, and did a lot of traveling with just the four of them for many years.

Carvan Log; this is a document Bryan Harrison wrote, listing all the caravans and rallies in which he and Jo Harrison participated.

Rallies of the 1950's

Mexico Caravan, Eastern Canada Caravan, Wisconsin Dell's rally, Hershey PA rally, Miscellaneous rallies, Western Canada Caravan

Rallies of the 1960's

Colorado Springs rally, Auburn WA rally, Four Corners rally, Bimidgi MN rally, Death Valley rally, Arizona rallies, Texas rallies, Nevada rallies, California rallies

Miscellaneous Airstream and WBCCI memorabilia

Miscellaneous Airstream Adventures

Other than WBCCI activities, Jo and Bryan often traveled with friends and also on their own.

1959 Florida, 1965 Alaska

Airstream Friends

Photos of Airstreamers and their trailers

The Harrison and Leipper family remember 50 years of WBCCI History

A century of outings – the Harrison-Leipper Families

from the late 1800's through 2006

These drawings were on a recently discovered note from my Gramp (Bryan Harrison) to his grandson (Bryan Leipper. The drawings were done by Vera Stran. I'm not sure of the last name as it is hard to read

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