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Organizational Rally of the Arizona Unit - 1960

Pee Wee Schawamborn helped me identify the people in this picture. On the left end is Iva Mae Lyons, next Della Lund in the shade behind A. Lyons is Gene Lund. Pee Wee's mother, Helen Byam Schwamborn is standing between the two men in the front left of this picture. On her right is J. Aubrey Lyons (deceased) past International President. Both Aubrey and Helen were signatories on the Arizona Unit charter. The lady on the far right back row is Della Lund. My grandmother, Jo Harrison is standing in the back over Helen's right shoulder. My Grandfather, Bryan Harrison is on the right side of the picture in the white shirt and on the far right end with suspenders is “Pop” Riley first president of the WBCCI and resident of Sedona, AZ

Special picture

I came across this picture in the closet of my Mom's sewing room. Her parents were Bryan and Jo Harrison. She took care of my grandfather at the end of his life. Most of the Harrison pictures and memorabilia ended up with her. This picture is special to me for many reasons. One is the people included in this picture. Also for me this picture represents what WBCCI is all about. With all the controversy, criticism, and complaints swirling around in some venues regarding WBCCI, it is a reminder of what Wally Byam envisioned when he defined the Four Freedoms - Freedom from arrangements, Freedom from the problems of age, Freedom to discover and to know, and Freedom for fun. Here you have past International presidents, you have WBCCI staff and “big wigs”, you have “old guard”, you have families, and you have young members. All out enjoying their Airstreams and the fellowship of other Airstreamers. They are also proudly wearing a symbol of their organization, the blue beret. It is clear though that wearing the beret was optional and not a requirement as has been thought by some people. This is a group of people in a specific geographic area that, based on information from my grandfather, started out informally getting together and camping. At some point they decided to formalize their group and become an official Unit of WBCCI.

This picture brings back a lot of personal and very positive memories of attending rallies with my grandparents and parents. It makes me think of the many Airstreamers my grandparents and my parents met who became good friends and traveling companions. It also makes me thankful for the opportunity to carry on the traditions as a 3rd generation Airstreamer and WBCCI member and create my own friendships and memories. It affirms my efforts to share my great experiences with WBCCI with the members of my Unit and other WBCCI members and Airstream owners. It also makes me realize how lucky I am to be a member of a WBCCI Unit that has used Wally Byam's creed and Four Freedoms as the foundation and guiding principles of it's governance and activities.

I also feel sort of like a circle has been completed. In the picture are my grandparents and Pee Wee's Mom. This past year (2006) I have been fortunate enough to get to know Pee Wee after he discovered our website. We have been sharing a lot of WBCCI and Airstream memories. His input, information, pictures, and stories has greatly enhanced my own experiences with WBCCI and for that I am very thankful. - Diane Leipper WBCCI #772

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