Anita’s Photo galleries

SNU and Airstreams in general

Anita, #1183 got this project started. These photos come from the Sierra Nevada Unit archives as well as from the Leipper and Harrison family Airstreaming archives. Many of them are in galleries throughout website. The subjects are very loose descriptions of the photo galleries. They, and the examples are meant to provide an idea of what pictures are included in each gallery and why. These are very fluid descriptions and will most likely change and evolve over time. Some pictures fit into one or more galleries.


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Campfires – free form

Rally campfires in free form fire pits

Almost every rally includes a campfire. Pyramid Lake, Rocky Point, Obsidian, Sweetwater

Campfires - structured

Rally campfires in structured fire pits

Twin Lakes, Davis Creek, Unionville, Lassen RV resort


birthdays and other special events

Roy’s birthday, SNU anniversary events

Community Service

SNU volunteering & community service projects

Obsidian Dome clean up, cooking pancakes at Lyon County Fly-In

Rally activities – North of I80

Keeping busy at rallies

Card games, tours, Portola Railroad museum, hiking, viewing a solar eclipse with a pin hole camera

Rally activities – South of I80

Keeping busy at rallies

Tiles and ladder ball, kite flying, hiking,

SNU 2018

SNU 2018 rallies and lunches

SNU rallies in California

SNU rallies held in CA locations

Prosser, Lassen RV Resort, Hat Creek

SNU Special Qualities

What makes the SNU unique and special

Dispersed rally sites, family and pet friendly, activities highlighting special attributes and events in the Great Basin area

SNU visiting other Airstream events

2018 Oregon Unit Rally

SNU members attending other Unit, Region, WBCCI and special event rallies

1996 Monterey Bay Unit, 2007 Idaho Unit, 2008 WBCCI International, 2008 Forum rally, 2010 Hobo, 2011 Oregon Unit, 2011 Region 12,

Visiting historic sites -|- Historic towns and stations

Historic sites the SNU has visited

Ghost towns - Bodie, museums – Ft Crook, restaurants – J.T.’s, trains & planes & other things of historical significance

Cooking and cooks

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Breakfast and brunch

Special breakfasts and brunches at rallies

Omelets at Weed Heights, waffles at Unionville, quiche at Obsidian

Cooks & equipment

Cooks, cooking methods & equipment & food preparation at rallies

SNU cooks, portable oven, Cobb cookers, & battery roaster

Eating out & eating in

Meals at Fairs and Festivals, Historic Inns, and homes.

Cantaloupe Festival, Old Pioneer, Christmas lunch at the Damoth’s Except for homes and picnics, meals are at a commercial establishment and prepared by staff

Family shared meals at rallies

Highlights the participation of kids, grandkids and other relatives of rally participants at meals at rallies

Twin Lakes, Crocker, M.S. Dixie

Menus and food

highlighting food at SNU rallies

Pictures of individual dishes, buffet tables and the preparation of food. It can be either commercial items such as restaurant dishes, or bakery goods or it can be dishes prepared by rally participants. Waffles, sourdough biscuits, cast iron cooking, Lassen resort gumbo and salads.

Morning coffee

Coffee and goodies an SNU morning tradition

Coffee usually supplied by Bryan along with either home made, bakery or store bought goodies. Weed Heights & Mason Valley

Outdoor shared meals

pot lucks & shared meals

Shared meals where everyone brings what they want to eat with a little extra to share are an essential element of all SNU rallies

Outdoor shared meals – Early days

pot lucks & shared meals 2000 - 2005

Bower’s Mansion, picnics at the Leippers, lunch at the Grosch’s and other shared meals

People, pets and just for fun

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Flags at rallies and other events

Pyramid Lake 2004, Portola 2008, Green Creek 2013, Gillette 2014

Family at rallies

Family members including grandparents, parents, grandkids, kids, sons and daughters, nieces, daughter in law, son in law, sister, brother. at SNU events

Silver Oaks 30th Anniversary luncheon 2006 , Kingston 2005, Boca & Obsidian


pink flamingos & pink spoonbills

Clothing with flamingo designs, flamingo decorative items & lights. Pictures of real flamingos and spoonbills


Highlighting women’s hair styles

1980 SNU Caravan, 1984 MBCU, 2000 SNU. 2011 SNU

Highlighting the ladies at SNU events

Women at SNU events

Vicki & Anita Peterson Ranch 2009, Yvonne Washoe Lake 2006, Marla, Marybeth & Bobbi Obsidian 2012, Charlotte, Vicki, Carmen, Jasmin Lassen RV Resort September 2017

History – The SNU and the MBCU

Historical highlights from the SNU and the MBCU

SNU caravan, unique tow vehicle, MBCU Mexican Caravan


People sitting in a row at SNU events

Limited shade at Portola Railroad museum and Rocky Point

Jerry’s activities at rallies

Jerry working on various maintenance and other projects at rallies

Polishing his Airstream, fishing, T-bolt electric & assisting others

Members as visitors

SNU members who visited a rally without their Airstream

Pyramid Lake, Walker River Resort, Ft Churchill


Pets of SNU members and guests that have been at SNU events

Pets include birds, cats, dogs, tortoises, & guinea pigs

Pets in their rally clothes

Pets dressed for rally weather

Dog jackets at pyramid, dog sweaters at Boca, fancy hats at Ft Sage

Pets in their travel homes

pets traveling

Bella in the RussBuss at Eagle Lake, Ashley, Lucy, and Ginger with Randy at Sweewater, Indie the cat napping by the window

Randy and Vicki creations

Creative projects of Randy & Vicki

The diorama, the Lighted Wonder & Ruby

Rally clothes

What to wear at a rally

Many of us keep a set of clothes in our Airstream. Some favorites show up at numerous rallies – Diane’s hat, Vicki’s jacket, Randy’s slacks

Rally folks & Airstreams

highlighting people & Airstreams

Special pictures of people enjoying their Airstreams


relaxing at SNU rallies

Eric at Lahontan, Ann at Davis Creek, Bella at Obsidian, Jerry at Weed Hights

SNU logo

Different ways the SNU logo has been used

Signs at rallies like Sweetater and Peterson, displays like Silver Oaks and Mt Family, clothing, nametags & flags

SNU members 1st to most recent rallies

members attendance at rallies

Randy & Vicki 2005 and 2016, Don & Gail 2007 and 2015

Talents of the SNU

hobbies, creative projects and talents of SNU members

Clint’s Airstream drawings and cartoons, MaryLou’s sand dollar decorations, Nick’s guitar playing and Jeni’s cookies

Vicki’s Bouquet

Bouquet of flowers & flamingos

Vicki made this for a 2006 dinner at Obsidian and it has been a frequent table decoration ever since

Visitors and guests

Non SNU members who have participated in SNU events

Park rangers, visitors from other Units, people who have stopped by to learn more about the SNU


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August rally memories

Bundled up at August rallies

Obsidian and other rallies where August temps required more than t-shirts and shorts

Birds and Feeders

Birds and examples of bird feeders

Feeders Anita has used and birds she has seen or pictures she has collected

Elevation of rally sites

Rally sites from highest evelvation to lowest

Obsidian at 8200 ft to Mesquite at 1800 ft

Geology of rally sites

Interesting geology at rally sites

Obsidian rocks, Hickison petroglyphs, Pyramid Lake tufa

Great Basin flowers and other plants

Flowers and plants found near rally sites in the Great Basin

Wildflowers at Ft Sage, Sweetwater and other rally sites

Great basin trees, shrubs, and other plants

Trees, shrubs and other plants found near rally sites in the Great Basin

Trees at Peterson Ranch and Ft Churchill, shrubs Mason Valley and cactus at Death Valley

Lakes, Rivers and Streams – North of I80

rally sites near water

Pyramid Lake, Eagle Lake, Boca Reservoir

Lakes, Rivers and Streams – South of I80

rally sites near water

Spooner Lake, Washoe Lake, Lahontan, Twin Lakes

Rally Site vistas – North of I80

panoramic overviews of rallies & scenery

Views of the Platt River valley and Mt Shasta, snow covered mountains at Rye Patch and the scenery of Ramhorn Springs

Rally Site vistas – South of I80 & west of US 395

panoramic overviews of rallies & scenery

Twin Lakes, Obsidian, Hope Valley & Death Valley

Rally site vistas – South of I80 and east of US 395

panoramic overviews of rallies & scenery

Washoe Valley, Kingston, Unionville, and Sweetwater

Rally weather – North of I-80

Photos featuring rally weather North of I80

Fog at Boca reservoir, wind at Rocky Point, storm clouds at Ft Sage and Pyramid

Rally weather – South of I-80

Photos featuring rally weather south of I-80

Clouds at Obsidian, rainbows at Washoe Lake, wind at Mesquite

Rally wildlife and animals

wildlife encountered at SNU events

Birds, bears, deer, chipmunks and other wildlife

Roads and trails North of I-80

Driving, hiking and exploring the roads and trails is part of the rally experience

Rocky Point, Ft Sage, Ramhorn Springs, Boca Springs, Petersen Ranch

Roads and trails South of I-80

Washoe Lake, Twin Lakes, Sweetwater, Green Creek, Obsidian, Titus Canyon

Roads and trails East of Hwy 95

Austin, Unionville, Hickison,Lahontan

The sun and moon

Pictures of sunsets and the moon

Beautiful sunsets at Obsidian, Weed Heights & Sweetwater. Moon rise at Ft Sage, Mason Valley and Rocky Point

Too much weather

Dealing with weather at rallies

Coffee in the snow at Boca, forest fire smoke at Crocker, dinner under the awning to get out of the rain at Ft Sage

Walker Lake

scenery at Walker Lake near Hawthorne, NV

20 mile beach lake views, wildflowers, and camping sites

What’s in the air

Snow, bugs and sand, and other airborne things we have dealt with at SNU rallies

Crickets on the way to Kingston, blowing sand at Lahontan, bugs at Green Creek


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Airstream motorhomes

pictures of Airstream & Argosy motorhomes

1977 Classic Argosy, 1986 Classic Airstream, 1995 Land Yacht & a 2003 Land Yacht

Airstream tow vehicles

Tow vehicles

Trucks, Suburbans, Vans & even a U-haul

Airstream windows – back

back Airstream windows

Pyramid Lake 2004 & 2008, Ft Sage 2010. Quartzite 2012, Kingston 2005

Airstream windows – front

front windows on Airstreams

Kingston 2005, Mesquite Springs 2008, Rocky Point 2010

Family Airstreams Harrison & Family Airstreams Leipper

Airstreams that belong to the Harrison and Leipper families

Family Airstream Bvan

The Leipper family Airstream Bvan - This 1991 B-Van was purchased in 2002 for Dale & Virginia and is used as a tow vehicle for a 1975 Ambassador

Davis Creek, 2002, Boca Rest 2003, Boca Springs 2004, Ft Sage 2008, Green Creak 2017

Family Airstream number 1183

Leipper family #1183 - first issued to Dale & Virginia in 1972. It is now assigned to their daughter, Anita

Casa de Fruita 2017 Pyramid Lake 1981, Lahontan 1996, Rye Patch 2005, Peterson Ranch 2009, Scout Camp 2011

Family Airstream number 772

Leipper family #772 - first issued to Bryan & Jo in 1955. Their grandson & granddaughter received special permission to use this number on their Airstream

Vancouver Island 1958, Fulton Beach, Texas 1961, Farewell Oregon 1965, Hat Creek 1996, Davis Creek 2003, Sweetwater 2009, Lahontan 2017

Fresh Water Hoses

Hooking up to water at selected rally sites

Weed Heights, Fallon

Hitches, blocks and chocks

Various hitches and leveling blocks

Unionville, Eagle Lake, BLM campground

Ideas – creative solutions

Things people have done, usually not at rallies that enhance their enjoyment and usability of their Airstream. Roy's gray water tank, Randy's bed making, Russ's lights and Gary's steps.

Roy's gray water tank, Randy's bed making, Russ's lights and Gary's steps.

New Airstreams 1st rally

First outing in new Airstream

Roger & Janet Walker River 2006, Wheels & Doris Eagle Lake 2008, Gregg & Valri Obsidian 2011

Rally projects

repairs, maintenance and other tweaking that happens at a rally

Jerry fixing Roger's bumper, Bryan attaching the Airstream screen guard on the Kingsland trailer


Window coverings, awnings & other ways to create shade

Commercial awnings, custom window coverings and quick fixes

SNU classic Airstreams

Vintage Airstreams

SNU Airstreams that are at least 20 years old


methods of getting in and out of your rig

Gary’s steps, various stools used by the Leippers

Tilting trailers

getting level on unlevel ground

Airstreams that look slanted but have been leveled to accommodate sloped parking sites

WBCCI Red numbers

How people display their WBCCI membership numbers

Using WBCCI stick on numbers, historic metal numbers, other commercially available numbers

Highlighting People

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Anita’s participation in the SNU and other Airstream activities

OU- Beverley Beach, OR 2004, Rye Patch 2005, Washoe Lake 2007, Twin Lakes 2007, Forum rally Tionesta, CA 2008, Scout Camp 2011

Brian and Jeni

Brian and Jeni participation in the SNU

Kingston 2005, Twin Lakes 2005, Unionville 2009, Glass Creek 2015

Bryan and Diane -|- Diane’s hats

Bryan & Diane’s participation in the SNU and other Airstream activities

MBCU-Hat Creek 1996, NorCal-Susanville 2003 Ft Churchill 2002, Eagle Lake 2008, Crocker 2010, 4CU-Quartzite 2010, OU-Baker 2011, Obsidian 2011, Lassen 2017


Dave’s participation in the SNU

Boca 2003, Pyramid 2003 & 2008, Obsidian 2007, Unionville 2008, Sweetwater 2009, Peterson Ranch 2009,

Don and Gail

Don and Gail participation in the SNU and other Airstream activities

Lahontan 2007, Mesquite 2008, Obsidian 2011, Pyramid 2012, Huron 2013, Boca 2017

Don and MaryLou and Fred and Ann

Don and MaryLou and Fred and Ann’s participation in the SNU

Washoe Lake 2000, Davis Creek 2003, Dayton 2004, Obsidian 2006

Gary and Anita

Gary and Anita participation in the SNU

Lahontan 2006, Obsidian 2007, Portola 2008, Green Creek 2013, Weed Heights 2016, Lassen 2017

Gene and Carmen

Gene and Carmen participation in the SNU

Obsidian 2007, Boca 2009, Fly-In 2009, Ft Sage 2010, Scout Camp 2016, Lassen 2017

Jerry and Dyann

Jerry and Dyann participation in the SNU and other Airstream activities

Rye Patch 2005, Unionville 2006 & 2010, Crocker 2010, Rocky Point 2012, Lassen 2017

Longtime SNU members

Early members of the SNU

Lahontan 1996, Washoe Lake 2000, Bower’s Mansion 2000, Mills Park 2001 Davis Creek 2005,

Randy and Vicki

Randy and Vicki participation in the SNU

Kingston 2005, Eagle Lake 2006, IU-Bodily RV 2007, Mesquite 2009, Hickison 2011, Lassen 2016

Rick and Jeanne

Rick and Jeanne participation in the SNU

Twin Lakes 2005, Obsidian 2006, 2011 & 2013

Roger and Janet

Roger and Janet participation in the SNU

Walker River Resort 2006, Unionville 2006, Ramhorn Springs 2006, Sweetwater 2009, Rocky Point 2014

Wes and RoyLaine

Wes and RoyLaine participation in the SNU

Pyramid Lake 2004, Davis Creek 2005, Hat Creek 2006, South Lake 2011, Lahontan 2015

Wheels and Doris -|- Doris Highlights

Wheels and Doris participation in the SNU and other Airstream activities

Hope Valley 2008, Mesquite 2008, Obsidian 2009, Rocky Point 2012, Lassen 2017

SNU Photographers

Pictures taken by SNU members and rally folks

Photographers include Don D., Don W., Wheels, Rich J., Rick L., Paul & Pat, Gene B., Dave G., Cindy G., Randy & Vicki. Bobbi K., Roman & Melissa, Jerry, Joan L., and Terri L.

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