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Recollections of WBCCI - Rallies

Dale (Pee Wee) Schwamborn

Images from International Rallies

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For many years the Caravan, Anhanger or Trailer Clubs of Europe had their International Rallies each year. I know that Wally and Stel went to rallies in 1953, 1954, 1955 and then the 1956 European Caravan attended the International Rally.

The International Rally for WBCCI came about in the same vein that the WBCCI was formed. The WBCCI gave friends an opportunity to get together without going on a Caravan. On a much larger scale the International Rally gave friends from all over the United States, and Canada to renew their friendships, in mass, once a year.

It was held on the 4th of July for several reasons. This was a period of time that school was out, and summer vacations could be taken. Also what a great time to celebrate the fantastic life of Airstream and the WBCCI. Also it was a tribute to Wally Byam. The Fourth of July was his birthday. Oh boy, did Wally love a party...especially his birthday. The Airstream owners wanted to share their way of life, and their affection for Wally.

Pee Wee April 21, 2009

Photo gallery of International Rally images from the Estate of Helen Byam Schwamborn -|- photo gallery of International Rallies from the the Harrison and Leipper family

Article on International Rally Planning by Helen Schwamborn

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