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Jack Rabbits

This sign is 11 1/4" x 15". It was in my Mother's trove in Bakersfield. It was originally given to Wally. It was one of his many gifts, and it was never mounted on one of his trailers.

These Caravanners (the Jack Rabbits) were in the forefront of pushing for a Club.

Dale (Pee Wee) Schwamborn

In the early days of WBCCI an ad hoc group formed that would be instrumental in advocating for the organizing of a club for Airstreamers. This group called themselves Jack Rabbits. These are Pee Wee's recollections of the Jack Rabbits.


I believe that they organized themselves from the traveling together on the early Caravans, and picked up some of their members from early Airstream rallies.

The actual selection of the "Jack Rabbit" name is unknown to me. It was probably selected to show their maverick ways, group solidarity, and even out ahead of the others. At one time on a Caravan if someone passed the lead vehicle they were referred to as jack rabbits.

I have an 8 x 10 trailer plaque of a jack rabbit. These members proudly affixed this to their Airstreams.

These were feisty Airstreamer's. They made sure that the Club stayed pure and for the members. Good people. Great people. And my friends on the 1st Caravan ( some of them) and through my Club and Caravan years.


Jack Rabbit member directory (pdf) - Here are the Jack Rabbits. You will see that Wally and Stel were honorary members.

Comments from Pee Wee

While walking this morning I thought about the "Jack Rabbits."

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Here are my thoughts. I looked at the names on their roster and memories of each came back with their faces. And I thought about this specific group and what they did for the Club, Wally, Stel and my Mother. After all these years I can stand back and evaluate those days, and write about them.

There is always a group of go getters on Caravans and in the Club. The first ones there to set up, organize and make themselves available for whatever duties are required.

This may sum up the “Jack Rabbits.” This is the support they gave on Caravans before the Club, and the interest and service they gave at Club and Airstream functions, after the formation of the Club

Wally, Stel and my Mother were always under their care. They knew the schedules and demands that Wally, Stel and my Mother had to meet.

They did this our of love, and caring. It was never a name dropping association. It was true devotion.

Even though it wasn't Wally's birthday, the Jack Rabbits presented him with a special cake an a shingding, it was even decorated with Jack Rabbits. Great picture taken from the April 1955 issue of "The Caravanner."

They were there when Trailer 1 (Wally and Stel) or 2 (Helen and Pee Wee) pulled in. Here’s your parking place. What can we do to help you? Gopher holes appeared, water connections were made, the trailers were unhitched. You name it and they assisted.

During the day they would stop by the trailer and ask is there something we can do for you, we are going into town to shop? Do you want to come along?

They were the first ones to bring up foreseeable problems that might effect the Club. This is where their feistiness came in. They wanted to protect the Club and the Way of Life from any situation that would undermine the Club.

They were like the Knights Templar of old, of Knights Errand. Protectors of the Club, Wally, Stel and my Mother.

Mac McCoy, one of the Jack Rabbits

S. J. MacDonald is a member of the Jack Rabbits. Interesting article from the April 1955 Caravanner. It mentions Louis Beatty, another member of the Jack Rabbits. His wife was an outspoken advocate of the Club, and as a member of the WBCCI, watch the growth and put her two cents worth in when members were straying from the original intent of the Club. You probably need more like her in the Club today.Louis

Two of the Jack Rabbits, Louis and Alice Beatty. Alice may have had the strongest push to form the club. Great Caravanner's, good Airstream owners, friends of Wally and Mom, and Club believers.

These were the “Jack Rabbits.”


Knock, knock,knock. "Helen, have you and Pee Wee had dinner? No. Well come over we're having meatloaf and macaroni and cheese." Or 'We'll bring it over. - Very generous people.

Do not misunderstand, there was a large aggregate of Caravaners and Club member that supported Wally, Stel and my Mother. It's just that the names on the "Jack Rabbit" roster stand out, in my memories.

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