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Enjoyment of the whispering winds, the zephyrs, the airstreams of the Sierra Nevada and Great Basin areas of the United States in a recreational vehicle.

A November 2010 Tour

The southern desert, Colorado River corridor and US 93

November: winter is on its way. That didn't stop us from taking a tour of some unique parts of the Western U.S. The Sierra Nevada Unit rally at Mesquite Campground in Death Valley provided some of the motivation for this trip. That rally also determined the general time frame. Taking full advantage of this road trip, we also included a visit to a cousin near Kingman, AZ and then headed to Quartzsite to attend a Four Corners Unit rally over Thanksgiving. As a way to take a new route home and also check out several other Nevada State Parks, we headed up scenic highway 93 then over highway 50 back to Reno. Despite some record cold temperatures for this time of the year, it was a great trip. We are now eager to go back and explore hwy 93 in better weather.

Taking the tour


Photo galleries

The snowbird route - U.S. Highway 95

Miller's Rest Stop and Hwy 95-|- Walker Lake

Crossroads - Death Valley and the Mojave Desert

Scotties Castle -|- SNU rallies at Mesquite -|- Titus Canyon -|- Death Valley scenery -|- Shoshone and Tecopa -|- Cima -|- Kelso -|- Train Depot -|- Hole in the Wall campground

Winter refuge – Colorado River Corridor

Colorado River Corridor -|- Quartzsite -|- Lake Mead Recreational Area -|- Valley of Fire State Park

US 93, the Great Basin Scenic Byway – mountain country

Highway 93 scenery -|- Kershaw-Ryan State Park -|- Cathedral Gorge State Park

US 50, transecting the ranges

Highway 50 scenery

Sand Dunes

Map of the Nevada portion of the trip

Click on image for larger view

Making plans

Half the fun of a tour is in the planning. This is an anticipation where you can take a virtual tour. This used to be just plotting the route on a map and referencing a tour book or two. Now it can be much more in depth, even to taking a low altitude flyby of the route. You can create a POI or points of interest catalog for your navigation device that includes fuel stops, overnight locations, places to see, and rest stops. You can check on lowest gas prices at planned fuel stops, check on climatology and sun rise and set times and then check for local weather, check for traffic conditions, and get background on geology, history, and provenance of places you plan to visit.

CA Road Conditions
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Traveling America's Loneliest Road, A geologic and natural history tour through Nevada along U.S. Highway 50. Joseph V. Tingley and Kris Ann Pizarro. Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology special publication 26. (2000)

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