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Rally at Unionville

Thursday September 24 – Sunday September 27, 2009

RSVP for rally - Hosts - Jerry and Dyann Thornburg

3 Day rally for SNU and WBCCI members. Visitors welcome. SNU Board meeting on Saturday open to all.

Special Event: Brunch at the Old Pioneer, just down the road from the campground.

Location: Off of I 80 East. About 60 miles East of Lovelock. Take exit149 (about 44 miles from Lovelock) towards Mill City/Unionville, go 0.1 mile. Turn right onto NV-400, go 16.4 miles. Turn right On road to Unionville, go 2.1 miles. Note portions of this road, i.e. The section to Unionville is unpaved. It is good gravel, wide enough for Airstreams and no steep grades. The rally will be held in an open field near the park in Unionville.

Don't give up - The park is near the end of the road.

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Photo gallery of the 2006 SNU Rally at Unionville

Photo gallery of the 2007 SNU rally at Unionville

Photo gallery of the 2008 SNU Rally at Unionville -|- Gallery 2

Pictures of Unionville taken by the Thornburgs. Shows the roads and the park where the rally will be held.

Old Pioneer Inn Bed and Breakfast The SNU will be having brunch here

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What to expect at an SNU rally

Never been to an SNU rally? This page will give you information on arrival and departure times, meals, activities, and other information that will help make the rally an enjoyable experience.

Arrival time - anytime after noon on Thursday September 24

Kitty Kall: $5 per rig per night payable at the rally. There is also a $15 per person fee for anyone planning to attend the Saturday brunch at the Old Pioneer.

Events and activities: Morning coffee klatch is from about 7 to 9. Happy hours will likely occur on Friday and Saturday starting about 5 p.m. Saturday we will be going to the Old Pioneer Inn for brunch about 10:30 am. The unit meeting will be held Saturday at about 4 p.m. All gatherings will be informal and BYO (bring your own) to share as suits your karma. If you want to coordinate and plan, then form your own conspiracy with whomever is handy! Bring wood for campfires

Weather: moderate but changeable in September. Can be cool at night.

Facilities: None, dry camp limited trees in camp area. Most of the parking area is on sloping ground,

Nearby attractions: Unionville was once home to Mark Twain. There are lots of old buildings to explore in the town as well as nearby fossil areas, hot springs, a ranch that offers trail rides, and other attractions.

If you can't make it for the entire time, feel free to join us for a few hours, one day, or whatever time frame fits your schedule.

Rally Kitty Kall prepayment option – pay online on the SNU shopping cart page for 2009

Thank you for supporting the SNU.

If you plan to attend please notify the SNU via e-mail to <hq(at)SierraNevadaAirstreams(dot)org> or a phone call to Diane at 775-972- 5011 . You can also mail an rsvp to SNU, PO Box 60572, Reno, NV 89506. It helps our planning to know how many people to expect.

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See you at Unionville

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