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SNU newsletter options – January 2009

In order to meet the needs of the SNU membership and make the most of SNU resources, occasionally we need to review the three primary functions of the Unit. These are the rallies, the newsletter, and the public service announcements. The function currently under review in 2009 is the newsletter.

The newsletter serves as both a communications vehicle and a promotional or marketing tool. To date the newsletter has been the biggest expense item. The primary component of this expense is mailing since most of the printing costs have been donated. This will be changing in the near future and the costs of printing will be picked up by the SNU. Currently the newsletter is mailed to all SNU members whose preference is for a snail mail newsletter rather than signing up for the online newsletter. The newsletter is also mailed to all referrals received by the SNU for a period of one year.

Communications are most effective when a variety of tools and methods are used. The SNU has done a good job of utilizing the tools and technologies available in a comprehensive and cost effective manner to ensure that all SNU members have access to all news and information regarding the Unit. The goal of the newsletter review is not to eliminate one method of communications but to make more effective use of the variety of tools we have at hand and the resources of the Unit while still respecting the preferences of the entire membership.

Please send your response to the SNU at or 714 Terra Ct, Reno, NV 89506

Options to consider

Check all that indicate your preferences

_____1.Keep the mailing list as is. Make sure the newsletter is no longer than 4 pages including the mailing box on the back page.

_____2. Keep the newsletter at 4 pages but revise the mailing list so that it only goes to SNU members and those that have contributed to the SNU so that they can receive the newsletter.

_____ 3. Send prospective members a newsletter for three months and if they haven't joined, take them off the mailing list.

_____4. Make the newsletter 2 pages (front and back of 1 sheet) with mailing box. Keep the content to the upcoming event, a short review of the most recent event, the event calendar, a summary of other news items, one or two pictures, and maybe a feature article. Create a more comprehensive and detailed newsletter to post online

_____5. Expand the newsletter to 8 pages and publish by-monthly and mail to the mailing list as it is currently

_____6. Expand the newsletter to 8 pages and publish by-monthly mail only to SNU members

_____7. Send out a comprehensive newsletter (8 to 10 pages) quarterly with a two page (front and back of 1 sheet) the other four months.

_____8. Print the snail mail newsletter in black and white and put the color edition online. (applies to all options presented on this page)

_____9. Find sponsors to cover the cost of the newsletter.

Please add your own ideas. Thank you!

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