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Recreation with vehicles in the Sierra Nevada and American Great Basin areas

Levels of Preparedness

The first question is the preparedness level of your rig, where it is now and where it will need to be for what you plan to do.

  1. Storage - the rig is configured for long periods of misuse so it will not suffer damage from freezing, sunlight, infestations, heat, or other deleterious factors or conditions.

  2. Repair - the rig is out of service because it needs repair, maintenance, or modifications that render it temporarily unusable.

  3. Ready - all basic systems are ready to go: water and propane tanks full, holding tanks empty, running gear maintained, tire pressures checked, appliances checked and functioning.

  4. Emergency Stand By - supplies and equipment are loaded into a Ready Rig so that it can serve as a backup living resource in case of natural disaster or other emergency.

  5. Weekend - Supplies and equipment are loaded to make for a comfortable weekend outing. This will include comfort and personal items as well as perishable foods not a part of emergency supplies.

  6. Extended Tour - The rig is loaded and special attention has been paid to maintenance and repair that might be needed on the road as well as sufficient supplies and equipment for an extended outing.

  7. Full Timing - A rig set for full timing will be prepared for multiple seasons and many other considerations that we take for granted in day to day living.


Sierra Nevada Airstreams Checklists - A structured means to be prepared.

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