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The Vintage Collection

1931 to 1967

Airstreams featured in this section are those manufactured either in California or Ohio when Airstream was an independent company

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Special Airstream – A custom ordered 1960's 42' Airstream used by the Western Pacific Railroad as crew housing. Sometimes is was pulled to work sites, most often it was placed on a flatcar and parked on a siding. The WP ran between Salt Lake City and Oakland through the Feather River Canyon in the Sierras. It is currently stored in Portola Calif.

information provided by RJ at Pictures in this photo gallery taken by Diane Leipper

1951 Cruisette Rich Jaggard recently sold this Airstream to a collector. Rich and his wife Judy are essentially collectors themselves. They have owned 19 Airstreams. Currently they own a 1961 Bambi and a 1971 Globetrotter.

1951 Cruisette – This one is owned by Jason LaBounty. He spent several years fully restoring it.

1951 Cruisette – Barney & MaryBeth Rabold are in the beginning stages of restoring this Airstream

1954 Cruiser 26 ft Brian and Jeni Root's (WBCCI #6376 ) vintage Airstream.

Front side window open out instead of up.

1955 Not sure of the model. This Airstream was for sale at one time. Needed work.

1950's Flying Cloud not sure of the exact year This Airstream belongs to Spencer Thomas. It's restoration is on his to do list.

1960 Safari 22ft – A man brought this out to a 2006 rally at Lahonton. He was trying to sell it.

1961 Globetrotter 21 ft Peter and Sharon Kalleste They are refurbishing this Airstream

1961 Bambi 16ft Rich and Judy Jaggard When they got this one it was in pretty sad shape. It had been used for target practice and had quite a bit of damage. After some hard work, it now is a great little trailer.

1962 Bambi 16ft – This was Dale and Virginia Leipper's first Airstream.

1963 Bambi 16ft Don and Claudia East bought this Bambi on Ebay and are having a great time restoring it and camping in it.

1964 Safari 22ft Rick Laborde and Jeanne Sassin (WBCCI #5397) PDF booklet of the Laborde's Safari

1964 Overlander 26ft Spencer and Jill Thomas

1964 Trade Wind 24 ft Fran Reid This Airstream needs a little work but it has the potential to be a really neat trailer.

1965 Safari – 22ft John and Shirley’s Airstream still has a lot of the original cabinets and other items.

1965 Trade Wind 24ft This was the first Airstream for Jerry and Dyann Thornburg. They redid the interior

1965 Trade Wind 24ft This Airstream belongs to Denise Huggins. We spotted it on the way home from Portola.

1966 Ambassador 28 ft Chuck & Judy Fell's Airstream has a hunting/fishing lodge theme. The previous owner did a great job of interior decorating.

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