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The Beatrice Years 1967 to 1980

Beatrice Companies bought Airstream in 1967. During it's ownership of Airstream major design changes were made, Argosies and the first motor homes were manufactured, and Airstream branched out to postal vans, people movers, and hearses.

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1968 Overlander 26 ft This belonged to a neighbor. At age 90 the owner realized he wasn't going to tow it any longer and sold it.

1968 Ambassador – 26 ft This is a very special Airstream. It was fully rebuilt and customized in 2008-2009.

1968 Sovereign This one was advertised for sale at one time. Needs a lot of work inside and out

1969 Overlander 26ft Owned by friends in Southern California

1969 Overlander 26ft The first Airstream for this family. This one has bunk beds

1969 Globetrotter 21ft

1970 Trade Wind 25ft The owners have done a lot of rebuilding and refurbishing on this Airstream

1971 Trade Wind 25ft The owners have done some great work on this Airstream. It is decked out in a 50's motif.

1971 Globetrotter 21ft

1971 Trade Wind 25ft The second Airstream for this couple. They recently sold it.

1971 Overlander 26 ft This is the owners first Airstream. They completely remodeled the interior with features similar to those used on boats,

1972 Globetrotter 21ft

1973 Argosy 26 ft The owners have owned this trailer since the mid 1970's

1973 Overlander 26 ft Some remodeling had been done on this Airstream before the present owners bought it. They have now added some of their own touches.

1974 Sovereign 31 ft – A couple with two kids will be full-timing in this Airstream.

1974 Trade Wind -|- also see this photo gallery This Airstream has some very nice upgrading. They sold this one and bought the 1971.

1975 Trade Wind 25ft -|- also see this photo gallery – The owners purchased this Airsream from friends. It came with a name – Pepsi- They plan to keep the name.

1975 Trade Wind 25ft – When the owners got this Airstream it was in pretty rough shape. They've done a lot of work on it and are looking forward to many family outings with it.

1975 Trade Wind 25ft This is the first Airstream for two brothers. They are looking forward to lots of travel adventures with it.

1975 Argosy 28ft The owners have had this trailer since it was brand new.

Read the story of this Argosy

1975 Sovereign 31 ft This Airstream has a rather badly abused exterior but basically sound structure and interior in reasonable shape. Check out the restoration work Dave is doing on this Airstream

1975 Ambassador 29ft After numerous discussions the owners decided any remodeling would be to make it fit more closely to our travel and use needs rather than keep it vintage. Check out the kitchen remodel and the couch remodel

1976 Sovereign 31ft This Airstream is in the process of a full remodel. These are the before pictures

1976 Globetrotter 21ft

1976 Overlander 26ft This Airstream was owned by a fulltimer. It has a lot of hard use but was well maintained. It has a lot of custom features.

1977 Argosy Motorhome 20ft The owners have enjoyed many years of travel in this unique Argosy.

1977 Caravanner – 25 ft This is the first Airstream for the owners and they are. one step at a time refurbishing and upgrading it.

1977 Overlander 27ft This one had been sitting for about 13 yrs. The owners have done a great job restoring and repairing it. Now they are enjoying the results.

1978 Sovereign International 31 ft These pictures show the Airstream before clean-up and refurbishing.

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