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Boca Reservoir

Boca is the Spanish word for Mouth. Boca was the name given to the town that sprung up at the mouth of the little Truckee river by Judge Edwin Bryant Crocker in 1868.

Boca started out as a construction camp for the nearby railroad. Later Boca developed thriving business in timber and ice production.

Boca Reservoir is part of the Truckee Storage Project. The dam at Boca was completed in 1939

Boca is Northwest of Reno about twenty miles. Take I-80 west towards Truckee. Take the Hershdale exit and go over the bridge and up the road to the dam. About 1 mile from the freeway. Just after crossing the bridge and starting up the hill, on the right is the road to the townsite of Boca. Continue around the east side of the reservoir for about one half mile. You will see Boca Rest Campground on the left side of the road. On the right is the road to Boca Springs

The Hotel in Boca

Picture courtesy of the Truckee Donner Historical Society, Inc. from a History of Boca written by Guy H. Coates, a friend of Rich and Barbara Osborn

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SNU Rallies at Boca

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