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Annual Planning Grid

This planning grid includes a basic time line for tasks that should be accomplished during the calendar year to meet SNU operational needs. It provides benchmark dates by which information and reports requested by WBCCI are to be submitted to ensure SNU's compliance and continuation as an official WBCCI Unit.

Note: WBCCI membership is annually by calendar year with dues collected for the year starting from July 1 the previous year. Membership renewals and new member applications submitted to WBCCI between July 1 and November 1 for the year prior to membership will be included in the membership year's WBCCI membership directory.

The purpose of this grid is to help in both planning and in checking progress in getting things done. What is presented here is a starting point based on what has been learned in recent years. It should be completed with notes such as a topic for each month's meeting or benchmarks for new activities. Notes should be taken to pass along a new and revised planning grid for the next year.

staffing – finding the people needed to do the tasks

business – internal SNU business

newsletter – planning, preparation, distribution

membership – recruitment & retention

events – rally and luncheon planning

publicity – public promotion of the SNU

meetings – primary agenda items


listen & observe members to learn about interests and skills & how they might support the SNU

maintain records, encourage communications, seek new ideas & input

encourage member submissions

send out member information packet to all new referrals. encourage member participation on all aspects of the SNU

review potential sites, evaluate current sites, seek new ideas & input

send PSA's to media outlets monthly

new business

old business

by month









Incoming President officially takes over

reservations for any rallies at state or county parks need to be submitted

Verify reservations for January lunch 1 week prior to date

Ensure publicity chair has needed information and begins sending out PSA's.

Consider letter & survey to media outlets and include current year rally schedule

Introduction of current year officers


determine committee members and chairs for rally planning, nominations, audit etc

budget plan

bylaws review

policies review

Verify reservations for February lunch 1 week prior to date


determine if the SNU is going to have official delegates to the International rally & who should be nominated

announcement of committee chairs and committee members


Elect delegates

the SNU will receive an membership audit from WBCCI sometime in the spring


Send delegate names to WBCCI

Audit SNU financial status

begin compiling information and ideas for the next year's rally schedule

Promotion of WBCCI international rally & WBCCI officers

Bring any WBCCI issues to be voted on at the I'rally up for vote by SNU members


begin exploring which members should be approached to run for elected office in the SNU.

Election of Officers - Potential nominees should receive a copy of the primary duties of SNU officers

Provide SNU elected delegates information about SNU decisions and opinions

begin discussing possible rally sites for coming year.


develop tentative list of rally sites to distribute to members for comment and discussion


Delegate report back to SNU members at August rally

include draft of rally schedule

include a notice for renewal

Include report from delegates attending the I'rally

Begin promoting membership renewal.

Present draft of rally schedule for review and input.

Once the membership has approved the draft, those sites requiring reservations should proceed. Most State, Regional and National campgrounds require reservations one year in advance of the date of the proposed rally.

Promotion of Region 12 rally

reminder that it is time to renew membership

Review draft of rally schedule


The nominating committee should submit a slate of officers to the SNU members at the September rally for consideration for election in October.

include a notice for renewal

include slate of officers for upcoming year

include draft of rally schedule

Make preliminary contact to places for November, December, January, February luncheons.

reminder that it is time to renew membership

Review slate of officers


Election of officers

The SNU holds it's elections and it's installation of officers at the October rally.


1) The President will receive a set of report forms from WBCCI. These must be filled out and returned to WBCCI.

2) the SNU will need to provide both WBCCI and Region 12 with a list of officers and the rally/event schedule for the upcoming year.

Thank you letters that include a copy of the upcoming year rally schedule should be mailed to those members who have renewed their membership in the SNU

the SNU will receive an membership audit from WBCCI sometime in the spring

Note: the rally schedule submitted to WBCCI is an abbreviated form of the schedule posted on the web and provided to SNU members.

Verify reservations for November lunch 1 week prior to date


Determine who is going to do PSA's & community projects for coming year

Determine newsletter editor for coming year

The current president should ensure the incoming president and officers have the information needed to understand the functions of the the SNU and to carry out their duties. They should also be brought up to date on any current information or changes in the SNU and/or it's procedures and functions.

Ensure newsletter chair has updated member contact information and all other newsletter information

Verify reservations for December lunch 1 week prior to date

Ensure public relations chair has updated media contact list and all other information needed.

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