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WBCCI Unit Survey – April 2008

Note: the bold underline characters indicate the answers to the questions.

Please indicate your Region 12 Total Unit members 35


1. How many new members a year, on average, has your Unit enrolled over the past three years?

c. 8 – 12

2. How many members of your Unit dropped their membership last year?

b. 4 – 7 (4 actual)

3. Estimate the percentage of members who dropped their membership would fall in to each of these categories:

a. Retired from Rving 6% (2)
b. Death 3% (1)
c. Moved
d. Don't know
e. Other (list reasons) 3% (1) prefers different style of rally

4. What groups belong to your Unit by percentage?

a. Retirees 38%
b. Still working 41%
c. Still working families 11%
d. kids 20%

5. Does your Unit have an exit questionnaire for those dropping their membership? no

6. What percentage of your Unit's members, on average, participate in 2 or more Unit events per year. 32%

7. How many of the following events does your Unit typically hold annually?

a. Luches/dinners 4
b. Rallies 8

8. Does your Unit have a mentoring program, assigning veterans to new members? Yes

9. What percentage of your rallies or caravans are:

a. totally planned-little free time 0%
b. partially planned 10%
c. No planned activities 90%

10. What do your members feel are the reason for a rally being well attended (circle all that apply)?

Low fees
Seeing friends

11. Is each event held at a different location - Yes

12. Has your Unit won a Merit Award - No

13. What does your Unit think is the biggest obstacle to getting new membership?

14. What do members think is the biggest perk for being a member of your Unit?

15. How do you communicate with your Members?

a. Monthly newsletter
b. website
c. email bulletins
e. Other

16. What percentage of your Unit members do you estimate use the Internet? - 90%

17. What is your Unit's most successful strategy for getting new members?

18. What Unit activities do your members enjoy?

19. What Unit activities would your members like to see initiated?

20.Does your Unit believe Region rallies stimulate continued WBCCI membership?

Yes Why:

No Why

WBCCI Activities and Services

21. Rate the following CURRENT WBCCI activities and programs as having a positive impact on retaining members on a scale of 1 to 5 (5 being very positive, 1 being very negative).

1 - -

2 -

3 -/+

4 +

5 ++

a. International Rally

b. Region rally

c. Unit rally

d. Unit dinners

e. Unit caravans

f. Region caravans

( rate as 2) None of our current members have participated in caravans

g. International caravans

( rate as 2) None of our current members have participated in caravans

h. International Special Event Rally

( rate as 2) None of our current members have participated in caravans

i. Blue Beret

j. Region Newsletter

3 Have only seen one or two in the last 3 years

k.Unit newsletter


International Rally

22. What percentage of your members attend the International Rally? 3% in 2007

23. What two or three traditions of the International Rally are most important to continue in the future?

24. What two or three traditions of the International Rally do you believe have outlasted their time?

25. What two of three activities would you add to the International Rally to strengthen member participation/attendance

26. What two or three issues cause your members not to attend the International Rally?

too formal


27. How much contact and help does your Unit receive from your Region

2 visits in the last 5+ years & one or two phone calls.

28. What do you do to train new officers in your Unit?

A special section of the Unit website with all necessary officer info. Mentoring

29. Ceremony plays a role in WBCCI activities. What is your Unit's impression of these examples of ceremony:


Very Important


Not so Important

Not important at all

No opinion

a. Special Clothes for International Officers

b. International Opening Ceremony

c. International Officer Installation

Very Important


Not so Important

Not important at all

No opinion

30. How does your Unit rank the Blue Book as a tool for governing the Club?

31. How would your Unit rank the importance of the Mid-Winter International Board of Trustees meeting?

32. What one or two suggestions does your Unit have to help strengthen and maintain the vitality of WBCCI?

33. What services or support would your Unit like from your Region officers?

34. What services or support would your Unit like from International officers?

35. What services or support would your Unit like to see from WBCCI headquarters?

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