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Special Utah Unit Rally

Elko Basque Festival Rally

Thursday July 2 – Sunday July 5, 2009

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The Utah Unit has invited SNU members to this unique rally in Elko. Click here for rsvp information

These pictures were taken by Micheal Glenn at the 2007 Festival


Elko Basque Festival

Elko Chamber of Commerce website

Iron Horse RV Park

Missing Madison? Bring Your Beret to Elko!

For those who cannot attend the WBCCI International Rally in Madison, the Utah Unit invites you to join us in Elko, NV for the 46th National Basque Festival July 2 – 5, 2009.

The Basque presence in the Intermountain West comes from their willingness to suffer the privations and loneliness of the shepherding life. One of their “headquarters” back in civilization is the historic Star Hotel in Elko. We’ll be dining there family-style the evening of Friday, the 3rd; not surprisingly, there’s no lamb or mutton on the menu! You should try, though, a Picon Punch - made with Picon (think Dubonnet red), brandy and a lemon twist. According to Jane and Michael Sterns’s “Roadfood,” Elko’s casinos are of the “pre-Disneyfication” style. Dunno why but one of them has a stuffed polar bear (the casinos, not the Sternses).

Formal festivities start with the town’s Fourth of July parade Saturday morning: Basque dancers, cowboys, cowgirls, vaqueros, vaqueras, BLM firefighters (biggest applause!), sheepcamps (one very Silver-Twinkie-looking) and politicians (probably not this year!). The afternoon is out at the fairgrounds racetrack: Basque dancing, sheepdog trials, feats of strength. Later that evening, a Basque ball (casual, begins at 10:00) or a movie (begins after sunset) projected on the rear of the town’s museum. Last year, we saw, “Around the World in 80 Days” (in talking with a local, she said that the outdoor movies are great but how often can you see “Ol’ Yeller?”). The wrap-up is back at the fairgrounds Sunday afternoon for the big, Basque barbeque.

If all of this isn’t enough, there’s also hiking, biking and skiing in the Ruby Mountains, nearby. We lost the trail in a snowfield (Fourth of July weekend!) and on the way down, there was a hiker with skis strapped to his back hiking up.

We will be staying at the Iron Horse RV Park. As it is associated with the Hilton Garden Inn next door, its amenities (pool, fitness) are available to us. As it is the festival weekend, the park has asked that we have our committed units count by May 15th for close-in parking; units reserving after that will be parked where available and reservations after June 22nd will probably not be possible.

Questions or reservations: 1st VP Michael Glenn (michael(at)glenn(dot)net) or 2nd VP Susan Glenn (susan(at)glenn(dot)net)

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