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Eagle Lake Recreational Area

Located in the remote northeastern corner of California at the juncture of four major geologic provinces: the Sierra Nevada, Cascades, Great Basin, and volcanic Modoc Plateau, Eagle lake is a remnant of Lake Lahonton. Eagle lake is the second largest natural lake in California. The Eagle lake area is a great trout fishing and birding area.

Eagle Lake and the BLM campground at the North end

Eagle Lake was created by the melting of glaciers during the last ice age and it is the second largest natural lake in California. It covers 22,000 acres with over 100 miles of shoreline. Located at an elevation of 5,100 feet, it is surrounded by dense towering evergreen forests of pine and cedars at the south end and rugged, high elevation desert scrub on the northern most portion. Five National Forest campgrounds are nestled in the forest at the south end of the lake. [Trout Fishing Eagle Lake California]

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From an ecological standpoint, Eagle Lake is fascinating. It makes a home to hundreds of varieties of wild birds such as: Pelican, Bald Eagle, Hawk, Osprey, Duck, and Geese. What birds wouldn't appreciate more than 100 plant species including willow, pine, fir, cedar, oak, and countless others? The deer, antelope, coyote, rabbit, squirrel, and elk only add to the natural beauty of the largely undiscovered area. [Sierra Heritage Magazine]


Trout fishing at Eagle Lake

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Camping at Eagle Lake Marina is great fun any time. California has some beautiful areas and Eagle Lake Marina is in one of them, outdoors activities are abundant around Eagle Lake Marina. This place has the reputation of being a good campground. Campers of all ages come to camp at Eagle Lake Marina, overall it can be said that Eagle Lake Marina is a good place to camp. Camping here in California is a must.
Piute Creek is a pretty stream that is worth checking out. Check out Jensen Slu while you're here at Eagle Lake Marina. Lasen County Fairgrounds is a great place. If you're into cool geologic features try Lone Rock. Climbing up to the top of Susanville Peak is great exercise. Compton Park is a good place to check out. If you're into the whole hydro structure thing you can check out Mardis Barry 1228-002 Dam. Bagwell Spring is an inspiring place to visit during your stay. Everybody loves Lost Meadows. Take a side trip to Brockman Slough.
Mill Pond 237-006 Dam is an interesting thing to check out. You might want to pay a visit to Hidden Valley while you're here at Eagle Lake Marina. Everybody loves Riverside Park. The beauty of mother nature reveals herself at Cady Spring. A visit to Memorial Park rejuvenates the soul. Don't leave Eagle Lake Marina without first paying a visit to Emerson Spring. There are swamps here too, Snowstorm Wetland is not far away. You could also go to Barry Reservoir while you're here, it's not far at all. The dominating feature in the area is the Diamond Mountains.
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The lake is, in fact, like three bodies of water surrounded by a lush forest in the south to a semi-arid desert covered by sage and magnificent pine trees. It's located at the juncture of four major geologic provinces, yet unaffected through time by any of them. To the west and south is the Sierra Nevada, a giant mountain range formed by tectonic uplifting along the edge of the continental plate. To the west and north is the Cascade Mountains running sporadically through California, Oregon, and Washington, all the way to Canada. This mountain range is volcanic in origin, but also a result of a clash between Pacific and continental plates. To the east and north is the volcanic Modoc Plateau, and to the east is the Great Basin comprising most of Nevada and Utah. [Sailing Eagle Lake]

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See the Chico Field Station site for reports and good information. The UC Davis page on this field station has some good summary data on elevation and climate.

Lassen College has a Marina web page.describing the various activities common on Eagle Lake.

Lassen National Forest Eagle Lake site

Find the lake in the satellite picture at

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