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The WBCCI International Rally 2006, a SNU View

Note: This site has no official connections or ties with WBCCI. It is strictly a personal effort to assist us in preparing for and participating in the international rally in Salem Oregon.

A main focus of the rally is to provide opportunities for participants to share information, learn the latest, and hear from the experts. There are a wide variety of workshops and other training sessions to choose from.

While you are in the area take the opportunity to discover some of the special places in and around Salem. Oregon.

Rally Seminars and training opportunities

Tues June 27

Vintage seminar (2-3)

Wed June 28

Quilt experience (8-4)

Outside Cleaning Vendor Seminar (9:45-10:45)

Amateur Radio (11-12)

Safety/Traffic (11-12)

Computer class (1-2)

Caravan discussion (1-4)

computer class (2:45-3:45)

Thurs June 29

Rallies & caravans (8-9:30)

Quilt experience (8-4)

Outside cleaning (9:45-10:45)

FCC Amateur Radio Exam (10-12)

CB radio seminar (1-2)

Computer class (2:45-4:30)


A series of four leadership workshops will be offered at the 2006 WBCCI International Rally. The workshops are open to all members and unit leaders in all positions are encouraged to attend. Recognition will be provided to those who finish each workshop. Those who finish all four workshops will be named Certified WBCCI Unit Leaders. Names will be published in the Blue Beret as a means of acknowledgement.

Workshop 1 – Basic Unit Business Operations for WBCCI Unit Officers
Covering the fundamentals of the business of WBCCI units, this workshop is critical for all unit officers and all members who wish to understand the administrative needs of their local WBCCI unit. Learn about: unit officer job descriptions; tips for conducting effective meetings; effective communications; the WBCCI organizational structure; the WBCCI Blue Book; unit bylaws and Policies; leadership transitions; standing committees needed; WBCCI Insurance; financial management; Merit Award Program; important due dates/responsibilities; Region and International resources. Open to all.

Workshop 2 – The Making of Great Unit Rallies and Caravans –
Creating Fun, Fellowship, and Adventure
Fun, fellowship and adventure are the heart of WBCCI. Learn about various ideas for creating successful unit rallies and caravans. Brainstorm with those from other units. Share ideas on such things as theme rallies or caravans; youth rallies; community service projects; joint rallies or caravans; intergenerational activities; special events and so forth. Discuss the general elements of a successful rally or caravan in small groups. Learn strategies for improving communication. Open to all.

Workshop 3 – Leading and Motivating Volunteers
Rally and caravan success relies heavily on the ability to involve members in ways that get them invested in the club. Effectively leading volunteers requires a different approach from leading paid employees. Learn strategies for motivating/leading volunteers and capitalizing on member talents. Explore the concept of the servant leader and various leadership styles. Discuss ways to build unity with in a club. Open to all.

Workshop 4 – Building Membership
Recruiting and retention are important to every WBCCI unit. This workshop presents membership boosting options such as participating in the adopt-a-dealer program; implementing a mentor program; utilizing the media kit and other public relations ideas; employing strategies for following up with potential members; developing a unit web site; hosting a unit open house; and orienting your membership toward recruiting. Open to all.

Sign-up for these workshops will held at registration at the International Rally in order to ensure sufficient availability of handouts.

On the presenters

I will present the first two workshops. I am a past unit president and currently a region 2nd Vice President who has conducted similar programs at the region level and various workshops in the public and private sector.

The WBCCI Membership Chair will conduct the session on membership and the 2nd VP from another region will conduct the session on leading volunteers. He was a professional trainer who has previously facilitated sessions on leading volunteers in the public and private sector.

We are all energetic forward thinking members of WBCCI and happy to be a part of this series of workshops!

Attractions in and around Salem Oregon. What is there to see and do?

Salem Oregon History Oregon State Symbols

Capital Constitution Flags Maps Song

Salem Public Library - Salem, Oregon

Salem, Oregon OR, city profile (Marion County)

Salem, Oregon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Tillamook Cheese Factory

Blue Heron Cheese and Wine Company

A.C. Gilbert's (inventor of the Erector Set toy) Discovery Village

Schreiner's Iris Gardens

hotels, festivals, genealogy, newspapers - ePodunk

Salem, Oregon Citylink Churches

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Ideas and suggestions

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