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The WBCCI International Rally 2006, a SNU View

Note: This site has no official connections or ties with WBCCI. It is strictly a personal effort to assist us in preparing for and participating in the international rally in Salem Oregon.

Probably the most important factor influencing your enjoyment of the rally is being prepared, knowing what to expect, and planning for what you do know as well as for the unexpected.


General Description

2006 Review

Blue Beret

It seems most of the information related to the international rally is published in the Blue Beret at different times throughout the year. It is highly recommended that you save all Blue Beret's from at least the beginning of the year or even back to August 2005. Either bring the magazine or the articles related to the rally with you. As these articles usually contain helpful information that isn't available through sources at the rally.

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This hasn't changed. Unless you were familiar with the info in the Blue Berets it was possible to be out of the loop on some information.

Registering for the rally

The registration for is available in the Blue Beret and also on line at the WBCCI website

Link to 2006 Review detail page

At least you can now register on-line


WBCCI offers an early registration fee at a reduced rate. This expired on January 1. 2006. There are variations in the rally fee based on your electrical needs and number of extra people

Apparently, the policy at this point is that anyone attending the rally or parts of it, whether they park at the rally site or off-site will be expected to pay the full registration fee.

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Rumors of differing fees based on not clearly defined criterea

Coming with a group or a caravan.

Caravans are assigned a special date and time for their arrival. Although WBCCI does not guarantee a group will be parked together it will try.

Contact for caravan parking: Bob Bennett, WBCCI Caravan Chairman (

See February 2006 Blue Beret for more information.

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Arriving at the rally site and finding your parking assignment

When you arrive at the rally site you will be greeted by volunteers who will explain where your assigned parking area is and how to get there.

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Conflicting information and no systems in place to deal with excessive heat.

Guests and visitors

At this time WBCCI does not offer day passes and we are not aware of the arrangements for guests who might visit you during the rally.

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Conflicting information and procedures on guests.

Badges and commorative tag for the 1998 Boise rally

Sign in

After you are parked and settled you will need to go to the registration area to sign in and pick up your name tags and other rally materials.

The program booklet for the 1997 WBCCI rally in Huntsville Alabama is an example of a rally program

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There is a preliminary sign in when you arrive at the bull pen. Once you are parked you have to go to the appropriate building to do the actual registration and receive your ribbons and other materials.

1998 Boise Rally sticker


Usually at WBCCI international rallies you are able to get an official picture of the rally. I can't remember exactly how this is handled and if there is a fee for the picture. You will also receive a tag or sticker commemorating the rally.

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Only available on a hit or miss basis. Not available to all participants/


There is an article in the November 2005 Blue Beret regarding what to pack for a rally

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Answers Needed

Ideas and suggestions

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