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The WBCCI International Rally 2006, a SNU View

Note: This site has no official connections or ties with WBCCI. It is strictly a personal effort to assist us in preparing for and participating in the international rally in Salem Oregon.

For additional information on dealing with climate and comfortable RV travel check the Living section of the Owners Manual on this website.

It appears that rally parking will be in fairground parking lots in the middle of town. It appears that separate parking areas are allocated if you registered for full electric, have dogs, have a generator you plan to use, have handicapped parking needs, or are a VIP of some sort or other. The only current known source for a lot of this information is the newbies guide (PDF) on the WBCCI site.


General Description

2006 Review

1960 Colorado Springs, CO Sanitation Crew

Honey trucks, trash and other basic services

Cleaning our your black water tanks is done on a regularly scheduled basis. You will get a note on your door indicating when the trucks will be by.

Newbies guide says the honey truck will only service black tanks.

Link to 2006 review detail page

Trash had to be hand carried to a central site.

Black Tank

Leave a clip by your door so you can receive notice of the honey truck appointment to drain your black tank,

The honey truck was scheduled for every 5 days.

Gray Tank

NO INFORMATION !!! In the past, under trailer drainage has been used. That may not apply here.

Gray water could not be drained on the ground.


Full service electric (3 kw) is a registration option. Otherwise, it will be battery charging only.(300 watts or so)

Link to 2006 review detail page


This will be daisychained from one rig to the next.

Link to 2006 review detail page


Verizon maps indicate EVDO support. Site wifi does not seem to be in the plan (re Jodi Morris 06jn12). See
free wi-fi Oregon Portland Salem Eugene - instructions for using the Library's free wifiCNET Hotspots report -

Link to 2006 review detail page

Cell phone

This should be good being near downtown in a state capital.
Verizon coverage locator

Link to 2006 review detail page

Towels on the windows provided some shade.

Heat and Humidity and your rig

Link to 2006 review detail page

Record high temperatures created problems for which the rally committee was not prepared.

Taking Care of yourself

Link to 2006 review detail page

1998 Boise, ID

Taking your pets

Many of us travel with pets and are well aware of their needs, especially when the weather is hot or we plan to be away from our rigs for an extended period of time.

People with pets are usually assigned to a parking area separate from those without pets. This year the rally is at a fairground which usually means some sort of paved surface. You will need to ask a rally volunteer where the designated pet area is or it may be in the materials you are given when you sign in at the rally.

Link to 2006 review detail page

There was a veterinarian on site with designated hours to take care of pets

Getting around

WBCCI makes parking available close to the location of the majority of activities to those with mobility problems. To park in this area you need to indicate that on your registration form.

Link to 2006 review detail page

Tractors with carts provided transportation around the rally site.

Answers Needed

Ideas and Suggestions

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