Anita’s Photo galleries

SNU and Airstreams in general

The subjects are very loose descriptions of the photo galleries. They, and the examples are meant to provide an idea of what pictures are included in each gallery and why. These are very fluid descriptions and will most likely change and evolve over time. Some pictures fit into one or more galleries.

* Check out Anita’s galleries of the 2018 WBCCI Rally in Salem, OR

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Airstream motorhomes

pictures of Airstream & Argosy motorhomes

1977 Classic Argosy, 1986 Classic Airstream, 1995 Land Yacht & a 2003 Land Yacht

Airstream tow vehicles

Tow vehicles

Trucks, Suburbans, Vans & even a U-haul

Airstream windows – back

back Airstream windows

Pyramid Lake 2004 & 2008, Ft Sage 2010. Quartzite 2012, Kingston 2005

Airstream windows – front

front windows on Airstreams

Kingston 2005, Mesquite Springs 2008, Rocky Point 2010

Family Airstreams Harrison & Family Airstreams Leipper

Airstreams that belong to the Harrison and Leipper families

Family Airstream Bvan

The Leipper family Airstream Bvan - This 1991 B-Van was purchased in 2002 for Dale & Virginia and is used as a tow vehicle for a 1975 Ambassador

Davis Creek, 2002, Boca Rest 2003, Boca Springs 2004, Ft Sage 2008, Green Creak 2017

Family Airstream number 1183

Leipper family #1183 - first issued to Dale & Virginia in 1972. It is now assigned to their daughter, Anita

Casa de Fruita 2017 Pyramid Lake 1981, Lahontan 1996, Rye Patch 2005, Peterson Ranch 2009, Scout Camp 2011

Family Airstream number 772

Leipper family #772 - first issued to Bryan & Jo in 1955. Their grandson & granddaughter received special permission to use this number on their Airstream

Vancouver Island 1958, Fulton Beach, Texas 1961, Farewell Oregon 1965, Hat Creek 1996, Davis Creek 2003, Sweetwater 2009, Lahontan 2017

Fresh Water Hoses

Hooking up to water at selected rally sites

Weed Heights, Fallon

Hitches, blocks and chocks

Various hitches and leveling blocks

Unionville, Eagle Lake, BLM campground

Ideas – creative solutions

Things people have done, usually not at rallies that enhance their enjoyment and usability of their Airstream. Roy's gray water tank, Randy's bed making, Russ's lights and Gary's steps.

Roy's gray water tank, Randy's bed making, Russ's lights and Gary's steps.

New Airstreams 1st rally

First outing in new Airstream

Roger & Janet Walker River 2006, Wheels & Doris Eagle Lake 2008, Gregg & Valri Obsidian 2011

Rally projects

repairs, maintenance and other tweaking that happens at a rally

Jerry fixing Roger's bumper, Bryan attaching the Airstream screen guard on the Kingsland trailer


Window coverings, awnings & other ways to create shade

Commercial awnings, custom window coverings and quick fixes

SNU classic Airstreams

Vintage Airstreams

SNU Airstreams that are at least 20 years old


methods of getting in and out of your rig

Gary’s steps, various stools used by the Leippers

Tilting trailers

getting level on unlevel ground

Airstreams that look slanted but have been leveled to accommodate sloped parking sites

WBCCI Red numbers

How people display their WBCCI membership numbers

Using WBCCI stick on numbers, historic metal numbers, other commercially available numbers

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