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Photo Gallery of the Crab Feed Rally

The “Crab Feed Rally” at the Washington Land Yacht Harbor - Olympia, WA

Submitted by Russell Decker, WBCCI #3426 Sierra Nevada Unit Member Washington Unit Affiliated Member

Deb and I drove up to the Washington Land Yacht Harbor on April 25th in order to work on getting the old carpet removed from our place there, and to get new carpet ordered and installed. After removing the old carpet and choosing new carpet at Lowe’s, Deb had to fly back to Northern Cal to go back to work. That leaves me to stay at the LYH and await the carpet to be delivered. During that time, the Washington Unit was about to hold their “Crab Feed Rally”. Knowing I would be able to attend, I went ahead and signed up for the rally. I’ve never been to the Crab Feed Rally. Well, come to think of it, I’ve never been to a crab feed period! At $30 per person, I was about to find out that the Crab Feed Rally was a very good deal.

Opening Day was Friday, May 3rd. It started with a wonderful Continental Breakfast featuring Bagels, an English Muffin Bar, and fresh fruit, not to mention coffee, tea, etc. All that was needed was to bring my own cup, and silverware, which later I noticed was the reoccurring protocol for the meals. After the breakfast, we were privileged to have Dale “PeeWee” Schwamborn speak to the participants and give his personal slideshow presentation on “Airstream History: 1931-1962” After talking with Diane Leipper on emails, I found out that the Sierra Nevada Unit has a webpage about PeeWee Schamborn. Diane also told me to make it a point to meet PeeWee and tell him that I was a member of the SNU. When I met PeeWee face to face and told him about my SNU membership and how I enjoyed his presentation, his eyes lit up! We had a great chat. By the way, if you don’t know, PeeWee is a cousin to Wally Byam and accompanied Wally on several of his caravans. Go to the SNU page on Dale “PeeWee” Schamborn and read about him. He is a very fascinating fellow.

The opening day also included different breakout groups of people planning to go to the Huron, SD Rally, and the “Fishing Rally”. Also in the afternoon, there was a short seminar about Airstream Upkeep. Happy Hour started at 4pm, followed by a hamburger BBQ with chips, potato salad, and Ice Cream Bars! Yes, bring those cups and silverware. (I couldn’t find the ‘silver’, so plastic was my choice!). Oh, by the way, the hamburger BBQ was included in the price of the rally! After dinner, I thought everything was finished. No, next came the movie and the popcorn. Wow, what a deal. The movie was the 2002 “S1m0ne” featuring Al Pacino, and wouldn’t you know it, it is loaded with scenes of Airstream trailers! Go figure!

Day Two, Saturday, May 4th was the main day! It once again started with a breakfast featuring homemade Biscuits & Gravy with juice. Right up my alley! (yes, I brought the cup and plasticware!) I thought it humorous that after breakfast from 8:30-9:30am, there was a talk on “Blood Pressure” hahaha. The Washington Unit had their membership meeting followed by an Open House by WU member, Carolyn Long. If you didn’t want to go see the LYH properties, there were impromptu carpool trips being organized to go to the Ft. Lewis Military Museum. Lunch was a fundraiser for “Cents for Kids” It was a hot dog lunch with all the trimmings. Also being held was a Pie Sale, a Unit Fund Raiser. At $1.00 per slice of homemade pie, that was a great deal. I counted over 8 different kinds of pies! During the event on both days, there were games scheduled like Bean-Bag Baseball, Joker, Fast-Track, Pinocle, Poker Walk and Roll, and Cribbage. After the 4pm Happy Hour was the main event - The Crab Feed. Now, this is not your “Go To Costco and buy crab” thing, No....a group of volunteers drives to Westport, WA, right on the coast and buys over 250 pounds of fresh Dungeness Crab. Along with the crab were two kinds of salad, Garlic Bread & Dessert. Oh, did I mention the “All You Can Eat” part of the Crab Feed? Believe me, no one walked away hungry! There were literally “buckets” of crab at every table. When it was gone, it was filled back up. Some people brought dipping sauces such as cocktail and tartar sauce. I just picked out the crab meat and ate it without the sauce. It was so sweet. Besides the cup and plasticware we were to bring, they suggested crab “tools”. Good call on that one! Once again, the day was not over. After dinner everyone was entertained by the Tacoma Banjo Club Band. This band consisted of many tenor banjos along with two tubas and a pianist. There were also 3 people who sang solos. The banjo concert lasted around an hour and a half featuring classic tunes from the past. As a retired music teacher, this was the first banjo band I had ever seen and they were quite good. After the concert, the raffle drawing began. The top prize was a full croqueted Afghan plus many, many other prizes. There were so many prizes, that it took over 30 minutes to finish.

Sunday, May 5th was the last day. It started out with coffee and rolls followed by an Ecumenical Worship Service at Harmony Hall at the Land Yacht Harbor. After all was said and done, cleanup was a snap.

So, was the “price of admission” fair? As the saying goes .....”Dang Tootin’ It Is” !!! I will no doubt be one of the participants in next year’s Crab Feed Rally. For those in the SNU, please consider this rally for next year. The Land Yacht Harbor has a beautiful Terraport with room for all.

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