- Enjoyment of the whispering winds, the zephyrs, the airstreams of the Sierra Nevada and Great Basin areas of the United States.

Trivia from Pee Wee

Byam Hooks? A Byam hook.

A base of 1 ¼”, a hook of ¾ “, casting and chrome plated. This is the Byam hook. Wally had them on the cabinets, on the ceiling and hanging from the outside of this trailer. My Mother had them too. This one here held a Coleman lantern. These two held a storage hammock. The two over there have a clothesline and the laundry. There on the outside is the water fill. Above the fill are two hooks holding a canvas, military water funnel. Pour the water from you Jerry can into the funnel and fill your tank. The hook was a very essential part of Wally’s trailer, and traveling. Or have them in two locations and tie something down, that you don’t want to move with a stretched bungee cord.

This became one of he items sold in the Wally Byam Store.

Floor Vent

Wally also had a 12 “ x 12” floor vent. It had a form fitted piece of metal covered plywood that fit snuggly in hole. On the top was a fitted furnace grate. Wally knew that cooler air was on the ground. By opening the vent, roof vents and windows he had better circulation.

My story

At our campsite in a funny thing happened. This is my story.

Mom and I had been puttering around #2 and our car. I was going up a shallow knoll to who-knows-where. A man stopped me and asked me about the Caravan. Typical. Then he asked a few questions about me. Then the clincher came when he asked if I minded his talking to the your sister, the lady I saw you with by the trailer. I informed him that the young lady he saw me with was my mother and not my sister. He turned red, apologized and left.

Jam, butter and milk

A favorite morning starter of Wally's, beside coffee, was toast, butter and orange marmalade jam. If the marmalade wasn't available he enjoyed strawberry jam. In Mexico, and Africa I can remember Wally and Stel buying canned Danish butter. Availability, storage, longevity, and not too bad on toast. And it didn't take up refrigerator space until opened. Nestle powered mild was another item of Wally and Stel's pantry.

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