Mike Orchard's Airstream Log Book

This is a description of how Mike tracks Airstreams in his log books

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The first unit on the page is the Ontario Canada Unit #124. Under the unit name it shows that in 1996 the unit had 129 members,in 1997 the unit had 149 members and so on. In the 2005 directory the unit had 189 members So the unit has grown by 60 members since 1996 and this is shown on the page by the +60 in the square on the right. Of the 189 active members I have seen 140 of them. The 49 members I have not seen are listed below the unit total in numerical order. You will notice some are circled. These are the members I have seen in 2005 since the directory came out. So in actuality I have seen 143 of the 189 members.

The next unit listed is the Quebec Canada Unit #125. This unit is losing members since 1996 when they had 51. In 2005 they had 22 members left. More than a 50% decline in that short time. Unit #127 has a similar decline but not as bad.

I try to be as accurate as possible and these stats are not perfect but fairly close.

The first sample is one page of my unit strength breakdown. Each year when the WBCCI directory is issued I go through each entry in the directory and circle the WBCCI# if I have seen it in the past. When that is completed I list which unit each of the circled numbers the member paid their dues to. This tells me how many members of each unit I have seen. The next step is to write down each WBCCI# and unit the dues were paid to for the members I have not seen. I add the two numbers together for each unit to get the current number of members per unit. I only started doing this in 1996 when I became a WBCCI member and had access to the yearly directory. I have all current units listed in my book in numerical order starting with members at large (unit 0) Alabama Unit (unit 001) up to Illinois Lincolnland Unit (unit 176) The sample page I sent you is for units 124, 125 and 127. Unit #126 is no longer active. I chose this page for a couple of reasons. One is that you are somewhat familiar with the Monterey Bay California Unit #127. The other reason is so that you could see a comparison of units heading in a different direction.

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