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Enjoyment of the whispering winds, the zephyrs, the airstreams of the Sierra Nevada and Great Basin areas of the United States in a recreational vehicle.

East from Reno on Interstate 80

Interstate 80 follows the Truckee River down into the meadows of Reno and Sparks then through a canyon to Wadsworth where the Truckee heads north to Pyramid Lake and I80 continues to the Fernley Sink. I 80 skirts the north side of what used to be near the bottom of the ancient Lake Lahontan. Fernley Sink, Humbolt Sink, and Carson Sink are the lowest places in the Sierra Nevada Airstreams territory. I80 joins the the Humbolt river at its sink near Lovelock and follows the 'river' nearly all the way to the Utah border.

Wildhorse Reservoir

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Rye Patch Reservoir State Recreation Area - The upper part of Rye Patch Reservoir is where early immigrants found reasonable livestock grazing after an awful 44 mile trek (worse than the forty mile desert) from the Winnemucca area. It was also a decision point about whether to take the Applegate and Lassen cutoff towards northern California and Oregon or cross the forty mile desert towards the Carson or Truckee rivers.

80 E

Dist: 116 mi
Type: NSP
Elev: 4135

Unionville - Near Rye Patch Reservoir, East of I80. An old mining town once home to Mark Twain. Take a general tour of Unionville and Buena Vista Canyon -|- Tour the school house -|- Visit the Old Pioneer Garden Bed and Breakfast.

80 E

Wildhorse State Recreation Area, Big Bend and Wildhorse Crossing

Elko 225N

Dist: 350 mi
Type: NSP
Elev: 6255

Jarbidge – In Northeastern Nevada, North of Elko. The town of Jarbidge came into being in 1909 when gold was discovered. Now only a small population lives there full time. The town is near a wilderness area that encompasses over 113,000 acres. See the Thornburg's pictures of Jarbidge

Read Don Costar's story about Jarbidge

Angel Creek/Lake

Wells 231S

Dist: 350 mi

South Fork at Spring Creek

Elko 227S

Dist: 250 mi
Type: NSP

Mustang Ranch: The feds got it for back taxes and are now thinking of turning the former brothel on the Truckee into a campground. Good Idea! We'll update here as we learn about progress on the idea.

I80 E

Dist: 25 mi
Type: ??

Interstate 80 through Nevada has a significant heritage as a route to the west. Most of the Oregon and California bound traffic in the nineteenth century followed the Colorado River north around Utah. The California trail then dropped south to head over the Sierra's at Beckworth (route 70) and Donner (I 80) passes. In the twentieth century, these routes became the Lincoln and Victorian Highways.

The Hastings cut-off pioneered by the Donner Party went through Utah and the 90 mile salt flats to the Humbolt river in northeast Nevada. This trail followed the Humbolt until it petered out for a forty mile desert crossing to the Truckee or Carson rivers. Hastings was promoting a trail he had not experienced with a wagon train and the Donner Party, in following his advice found themselves creating a trail through the wilderness. The effort sapped their strength and delayed their progress with fatal results.

SNU Rallies in this Area

Rye Patch 2005

Unionville - 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010

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  1. Approximate distance in miles from the junction of U.S. 395 and Interstate 80 in Reno NV

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