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Rye Patch Reservoir State Recreational Area

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A Nevada State Park 116 miles from Reno at exit 129. The Imlay exit 146 at the north end of the reservoir is cited by some as meant to access the lake for free overnight parking. State of Nevada home page for the site Nevada Division of State Parks - Rye Patch State Recreation Area

The upper part of Rye Patch Reservoir is where early immigrants found reasonable livestock grazing after an awful 44 mile trek (worse than the forty mile desert to follow) from the Winnemucca area. It was also a decision point about whether to take the Applegate and Lassen cutoff towards northern California and Oregon or cross the forty mile desert towards the Carson or Truckee rivers.

Rye Patch Reservoir covers some 19 miles of the river and holds 194,300 acre feet when full. This irrigates over 38,000 acres in Lovelock Valley. Nevada Hydrographic Regions—Humboldt River Basin

The Humboldt River is the longest river entirely within Nevada. The Humboldt River originates in the Ruby, East Humboldt, Independence, and Jarbidge Mountains and flows 310 miles westward to terminate in the Humboldt Sink. Higher elevation watersheds north and south of the main stem feed seven tributaries that help sustain flow. A majority of the Humboldt River system water is used for agriculture. There are only a few flow-regulating reservoirs in the basin, the largest (Rye Patch Reservoir) being near the end of the system. Extensive reaches of the lower half of the river lose water to the ground and also evaporation. As a result, late season irrigation water shortages are commonplace throughout much of the area above Rye Patch Reservoir. [Nevada Natural Resources Status Report:]

About I 80 through Nevada and Rye Patch:

The drive from California to Utah on I-80 is over 400 miles; sometimes quite busy compared with other Nevada roads but still less travelled than most interstate highways. The surrounding country is not particularly scenic yet the wide open vistas, the high desert plains and the distant, rugged mountain ranges do have considerable appeal.

Rye Patch Reservoir: After Lovelock, I-80 turns almost due north to avoid the Humboldt Mountains and passes the Rye Patch State Recreation Area, centred around a shallow lake formed by damming the Humboldt River, and which is used for fishing, boating and camping. A fee is charged if entered from the south (exit 129), but an unpaved road around the north side (exit 145) affords free access and has several good places to spend the night - enjoying sweeping views across the lake, with the slowly-moving traffic of I-80 and trains on the nearby Central Pacific railway line just discernible a few miles to the south. Other points of interest are several old mine workings, with many specimens of chrysocolla, a striking blue-green mineral. [Nevada - Scenic Drives; Interstate 80]

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Rye Patch, Nevada NV Community Profile: Data, Info and Resources
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Rye Patch, NV, profile - Nevada hotels, festivals, genealogy, newspapers - ePodunk
Hydrographic Regions—Humboldt River Basin

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Rye Patch Links: Wildernet - - Nv State Parks - hydrographic data - yahoo

Visit nearby historic Unionville Nevada

Links: | (good information) | (great pictures) |

Links: Wildernet - - Nv State Parks - hydrographic data - yahoo

Visit nearby historic Unionville Nevada

Links: | (good information) | (great pictures) |

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