Re-writing history

Paul Mirengoff reports how the College Board mandates left wing narrative for AP European History. He cites a National Association of Scholars report written by David Randall

Here are Dr. Randall’s key findings.

1) APEH presents the history of government rather than of liberty.

2) APEH presents religion throughout as an instrument of power rather than as an autonomous sphere of European history.

3) APEH treats the movement to abolish slavery without mentioning how it was inspired by religious faith, led by saints such as William Wilberforce, and hymned to Amazing Grace.

4) APEH underplays British history throughout, thus minimizing the importance of Britain’s distinctive history in the European tradition as the champion of liberty.

5) APEH minimizes and extenuates the evils of Communism, the brutal destructiveness of Soviet rule, and the aggressiveness of Soviet foreign policy.

6) APEH virtually ignores Europe’s unique development of the architecture of modern knowledge, which made possible almost every modern form of intellectual inquiry.

7) APEH doesn’t argue that European history is important or interesting in itself. APEH never gives a reason why students should study Europe’s history in particular.

8) APEH never mentions that Americans should study Europe’s past because it is our history.

On a related note, Victor Davis Hanson says it’s the Same Old, Same Old Horror. He provides an example of the outcomes of APEH type thinking and teaching.

The post-911 debate over “why do they hate us” should have been settled long ago with a resounding “because of who we are,” rather than the refrain from the blame-America crowd—voiced from the Ron Paul libertarian Right to the Michael Moore Left—that the answer is “because of what we do.”

In too many deadly cases, a generation of Muslims goes to great lengths to reach the United States only to raise an American-born or naturalized ungracious and unappreciative generation that apparently grows to hate the bounty and freedom of America to such a degree as to blow up, shoot, and maim innocent Americans. Immigration to the U.S., and citizenship itself, should be seen, again, as a privilege, not a right—and assimilation and integration, not multicultural separatism and ethnic and religious chauvinism, should be the goal of the host.

The inability of Barack Obama and the latest incarnation of Hillary Clinton to utter “radical Islam” or “Islamic terrorism” in connection with Muslims’ murderous killing sprees again is exposed as an utterly bankrupt, deadly, and callous politically correct platitude.

Finally, the Left will blame guns, not ideology, for the mass murder, forgetting that disarmed soldiers who could not shoot back were slaughtered by Major Hasan, that the Tsarnaev brothers preferred home-cooked explosives to blow up innocents in Boston, that the Oklahoma and UC Merced Islamists did their beheading or stabbing with a knife, and that Mateen likely followed strict gun-registration laws in obtaining his weapons.

Then there’s Venezuela. A civilization is self destructing and people are being killed. Learn anything? Denial and fantasy and defense of the indefensible indicate otherwise. Worried, yet?

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Soft targets or citizen militia?

Jazz Shaw says We’re having the wrong discussion regarding “soft targets”.

So called soft targets are optimal for those seeking to perpetrate evil because of the minimal risk to themselves when launching an attack combined with the probability of the highest body count and greatest impact.

The real question left unaddressed is what to do about it. You can’t eliminate soft targets without forbidding significant numbers of free people from gathering together in public spaces. … since you’re never going to find every person with evil in their hearts before they strike, the only rational choice remaining is to make those soft targets less soft.

what we can do is make it easier for the crowds of innocent civilians to include a reasonable proportion of them who are not only armed but thoroughly trained in how to respond to a crisis situation and take down a bad guy before a tragedy turns into a mass tragedy.

Stripping more law abiding citizens of their ability to defend not only themselves but their fellow citizens is pretty much the opposite of a solution.

Trying to use the reference to a militia in the 2nd amendment to mean it is a collective and not an individual right is a tactic often used to promote gun control. SCOTUS dismissed that idea in the Heller case but the 9th circuit has recently tried to reinstate the idea that one can only be armed by permission of the state. The fact is that recent terrorist attacks do require a citizen militia in order to harden targets and make the risk much higher for those that want to murder civilians.

But then, “having the wrong discussion” in matters like this is another common tactic of those driven by fantasy and self delusion rather than reality and integrity. It is why it is often impossible to have any discussion at all as there is no common basis for discussion when reality is dismissed.

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Civics, where art thou?

R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr. thinks that Preventing another Orlando and “Civics education could down ignorant hatred of America.”

This great republic has its historic Constitution. From it, its citizens have rights, and just as importantly, they have responsibilities. They are governed by the rule of law, and from those rules all sorts of blessings and obligations follow. It strikes me as a dreadful shame that not many of us understand this almost divinely inspired blueprint for our freedoms.

Can we reintroduce civics into our classrooms? Well, some private schools have. As for the public schools, you will have to take it up with your local teachers union. Good luck.

This is one reason why the troubles at a tax exempt RV group, the WBCCI, are important. The Wally Byam Caravan Club has on the table right now a motion that bypasses its Constitution and rule of law put there by one of the directors of the corporation. That means the motion attempts to bypass due process and other common Western Culture and U.S. traditional protections against governmental abuse and misguided governance. Association governance is a school for a practical education in civics. When that school is dismissed, pride in the organization suffers and its identity becomes diffused. Those are the conditions that foster terrorism as Tyrrell describes and it happens locally as well as nationally.

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Who’s your friend?

Stephen Moore says The ‘Stupid Party’ keeps getting stupider — “Republicans are playing into the hands of the left by calling Trump a ‘racist’.”

What is maddening about the Clinton and Trump gaffes is the reaction by the brain trusts of their respective parties.

All of this is self-defeating on a thousand levels. First, don’t these lame-brained Republicans get it that they hang together or they hang separately. Tearing down Mr. Trump will mean thousands of political casualties down ticket. Democrats do get this.

Second, since when do we judge our candidates based on the left’s warped criteria? They seem to suffer from the Stockholm Syndrome of seeking the affection of their captors.

Finally, the Republican members of Congress would be wise to stop with the holier than thou strategy. These are the people who’ve blown a hole in the budget as big as Texas and so how are they morally superior? These are the people that can’t even defund the cronyist Export Import Bank.

Who’s your friend? It seems there are a lot of Republicans who just don’t know.

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Another unnecessary cost for those who can least afford it

Nicole Raz reports that Nevada has a trash problem — but in reverse.

Throwing trash into a landfill is so cheap in Nevada that it’s posing a challenge for the state to beef up more eco-friendly waste management programs.

In most other states, where the cost of land is higher than Nevada’s, there is an economic incentive to divert waste from landfills and look to other means of more eco-friendly waste management, like composting.

Noack said it largely comes down to demand.

“And there is demand, and we see it even with tourists,” he said, adding that he will get complaints from people about a lack of recycling bins on the Strip.

“Something should be done in that regard, but the way we have made inroads with some of these casinos is through green events, green buildings, zero waste. They themselves want to be LEED Platinum to get an award,” Noack said. “If we can get one going, then you can shame the others into also becoming green properties.”

He added that demand from residents is limited because people don’t want to pay more for their monthly garbage bill.

People seem to forget that landfills are also recycling, just slower (and more natural!). Nevada is getting hit on a lot of these expensive PC fronts these days. Consider the effort to subsidize solar and the response at solar energy fairness.

It Nevada it used to be ‘leave me alone’ but these days it seems that there are those who can’t leave anybody alone and want others to pay for their fantasies.

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Believe it or not (and, no, this isn’t Ripley)

Mark Perry put up another map comparing U.S. state economies to that of foreign countries to try to illustrate just how massive the U.S. economy really is. The comparisons of GDP is only part of the story. There is another, more stunning, statistic about the power of the U.S. IBT comments Just How Crazy Big Is The U.S. Economy?

Economist and IBD contributor Mark Perry recently put together a map of the U.S., with the state names replaced with countries that have comparably sized economies. It is eye-opening.

New York’s economy, for example, is equal in size to all of Canada. California’s is as big as France. New Jersey and Saudi Arabia have comparable GDPs.

Perry’s map doesn’t show this, but you’d only have to combine Texas, Florida and Indiana to have a GDP that’s bigger than all of the U.K.
Overall, he notes, the U.S. produces 24.5% of the world’s economic output, but with less than 5% of its population.

There’s a lot of wailing and gnashing of teeth at how much the U.S. consumes and a lot of this is in the zero sum game paradigm where what one has was taken from somebody who now doesn’t have. As with nearly every such manufactured crisis about how the world is going to run out of something, the paradigm is palpably wrong.

Perry points out that wealth is created and the U.S. does a better job of this creation than nearly another other country on the planet and by usually quite a large margin. Despite the numbers, many citizens don’t believe it. This may be because they are too close and cannot gain a broad perspective of just how good they have it. That provides opportunity for politicians. Sanders wants to emulate one poor producing country and Trump wants to protect against those who can’t compete.

Believe it or not, the U.S. is a big country in very many ways.

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Prosecutions run amok

Here’s another one. Baltimore Six Trial – Stunning Last Minute Motion To Dismiss Due to Severe Brady Violation…. This is about trying to ignore evidence that doesn’t fit the prosecution’s efforts and that is evidence that justice is the last thing on the prosecution’s mind.

Just a few minutes ago (Wednesday Night) Judge Williams released to the public a Motion to Dismiss filed by the attorney’s of Cesar Goodson which is based on this Brady violation, and the prosecution’s failure to be honest with the court. This is the third time Mosby’s office has been caught hiding exculpatory evidence in the cases against the accused.

It seems to be a disease that is showing up a lot lately. Whether it is the EPA on watersheds, the DOJ on email security, state AG’s after climate skeptics, the IRS on several scandals, or the partisan blocking of inquiry, the effort to stymie justice seems widespread and almost pervasive and very much an accepted tool by many on the left.

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Who’s in on the deal?

Michael S. Greve takes a look at Odd Legal Ethics and summarizes by concluding that both sides do it, except one hasn’t had the chance yet.

And suppose we name and shame and sanction the lawyers (and I for one do want to know their names): what then? Why, the spin machine—the same machine that “explains” the President’s Iran Policy or the Secretary of State’s email server—will inform us that a vindictive right-wing judge is seeking the ruin of reputable lawyers with impeccable Harvard Law School credentials and did you know some of them are gay and also the judge hates Dreamers, or whatever. And will those martyrs still find gainful employment? Oh, yes. It’s no impediment to skirt legal and ethical boundaries, to follow orders to that effect, and to take the fall if need be: it’s the price of admission to Hillary Clinton’s entourage.

While Mrs. Clinton is unique in having practiced this sort of “law” and politics for three-plus decades, it has also flourished under President Obama, and it would blossom under President Trump.

In his Trump conclusion he shows himself to be a part of the problem and not a part of the solution. With Clinton (and Obama) there is a track record which has resulted in Judicial censure. With Trump, it is a matter of prognostication that puts bias above reality and attempts to hide it behind a curtain of moral preening (that seems to be the concept of the week – moral preening). Greve falls into Trumpysteria and the same sort of lack of honesty and integrity that was the subject of Luboš Motl’s takedown noted in the previous post.

There is a serious problem with the DOJ and it is now on its second AG. Efforts towards accountability in Congress are being blocked by Democratic Party Solidarity. The media, the state propaganda machine (SPM), is doing its best to obfuscate and deny the scandal. That leaves the Judiciary and the Public – and a good part of that Public is in on the deal, too.

Worried, yet?

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Trumpysteria exposed

Luboš Motl takes on “Terry Tao’s “axiomatization” of the cheap anti-Trump mudslinging” — Donald Trump is fit to be president. The problem is that Tao illustrates the moral preening that casts judgments on others that is based on fantasies rather than realities.

I believe that many opponents of Trump must start to see how incredibly empty most of these attacks against Trump are. I believe that even many voters of the Democratic candidates feel some compassion for Trump and they start to see that he isn’t being treated fairly. Many people may become aware of the bulldozer of the would-be “establishment” that just mindlessly runs over all inconvenient people. I can’t tell you whether Trump will be elected the U.S. president but he may very well be elected and become “officially qualified”. And he may also become a great president, perhaps similarly to Ronald Reagan who had been forecast to be a failure in rants very similar to Tao’s rant but who proved all those rants entirely wrong.

In the post, Motl provides an accurate 9 point list of why there a sufficient chunk of the electorate does consider Trump qualified. It isn’t advocacy, it is a takedown of Tao and intellectuals who wand afield from integrity and honesty in their thinking. The point is that the matter of qualifications is one of being able to convince enough people to elect you that you win, no more and no less. Even criminals can be (and have been) qualified by this process.

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up the ante

It still hasn’t sunk in as its rather hard to accept that it could happen right here, in home town city. The fact is that it is happening and it is happening right here and it is as ugly as can be. Tammy Bruce hits the particulars. Anti-Trump rallies funded by the left — “The anti-Trump riots are planned and funded by the left.”

The American flag was burned, cars were attacked, people were spat upon, punched in the face, and beaten. It was a riot, but the media is still calling it a “clash,” as though it was a mutual little skirmish.

Eventually the mayor of San Jose made a statement blaming … Trump.

This is what liberals have been doing since the ‘60s. They’ve done it here, in Europe and South America. The left always resorts to violence because they cannot win on the issues. The policies of Hillary and Bernie destroy lives and the only way to keep you in line, like a batterer, is to keep you too afraid to leave them. They hope you’ll be intimidated into surrendering, or at least will be distracted to not notice that they’ve already set the nation on fire.

But it’s already too late. The Democrats and their allies simply don’t understand trying to beat us into submission reaffirms our determination to end this charade.

This is the group that complains about the corruption of campaign contributions (but only when not to them). They raise the ante and don’t seem to understand that when the stakes go up, so does the opposition. That does not bode well.

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For how long will it stand? (think Venezuela vs Chile)

Bruce Walker, How the Left Is Destroying Science:

Scientism is ossified and reactionary. There are never schools of thought, for example, in scientistic regimes. Honesty and integrity cannot survive, because honest inquiry is always punished and because the atheism at the heart of regimes of this sort means that there is no moral restraint regarding experiments, observation and the presentation of other explanations for data.

All of those factors are present in leftism today; every issue is political, honesty is nonexistent, and power is everything. Slowly, almost imperceptibly, we are sliding into a new Dark Age. This grim fact is something many of us feel about modern life. Those toxins in cognition and integrity that are the heart of leftism have infected many other areas of life and are strangling science to death. That is precisely what the left wants.

When reality becomes a matter of opinion there is no basis for learning; no basis for constructive efforts. The problem is that building skyscrapers with an opinion of reality tends to build monuments that do not stand.

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An epiphany: Little League scores 1 but the WBCCI is still at 0

“In the end I’m disappointed in myself for becoming the very thing I despised and had promised so many to remove from this Little League. I realized I became self-absorbed with my own personal vendettas and agendas that all of “us” had been accusing everyone “else” of having. I have no one to blame but myself.” Michael Wiltshire

Little League Dad Resigns—Jerry Maguire Style—and What He Told the Parents Was Mind-Blowing

You start out with the bests of intentions: you want to help the kids, serve your community, teach young people about a sport you love, get to know your neighbors better. But then something ugly starts to creep in. Whether you’re the coach in the dugout or the wannabe coach shouting from the bleachers, one day you wake up and discover that you’ve become “that guy”—the one who makes modern youth sports completely miserable for the kids. You look in the mirror and realize that you’re the problem. You’ve become the coach (or the parent) you always vowed you’d never let your kids play for or be around.

“I thought I was volunteering to help organize a local Little League and play some baseball with my kid. Instead, I walked into years of built up resentment and hatred between neighbors.” Even though they loved to use the words “our community,” he said it didn’t feel that way to him. Instead, he was dealing with a bunch of bickering adults who had lost sight of the goal of making Little League fun for everyone. “I allowed myself to become consumed with their toxic environment of gossip and lies,” he said. “I didn’t realize it affected me so much. My moods grew worse and I was easily irritated by co-workers, friends and family.”

This happens. A primary example is the Wally Byam Caravan Club (see Information regarding the May 2016 SNU Bylaws issues and possible action by WBCCI. People in groups lose sight of why they joined the group in the first place. Wilshire had an epiphany and stepped back writing:

I failed to see that I had evolved into the absolute hypocrite I was accusing everyone else of being. I have always preached the only way to make change is from within, and it is easier to make change and build on the current foundation already in place, rather than to fully remove and start all over again. I allowed various people of this community and board to manipulate and feed my ego. In the end I’m disappointed in myself for becoming the very thing I despised and had promised so many to remove from this Little League. I realized I became self-absorbed with my own personal vendettas and agendas that all of “us” had been accusing everyone “else” of having. I have no one to blame but myself. I allowed myself to become consumed with this ever-growing toxic environment of personal axes to grind.”

Wiltshire wrote that their actions over the years had inspired him and he got involved because he thought he could help. Instead, he said, “reputations were ruined, friendships were made awkward and nothing was resolved. I thought I could be the shining knight and instead I felt I became the village idiot.”

We can all learn. There are those in the WBCCI governance who need to take Wilshire’s epiphany to heart and the rest of us who need to keep it in mind as a warning and a need to be careful we do not fall into the pit as well.

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Coming to grips with the idea that reality may not be simple

Ed Stetzer struggles. “Lord, I Thank Thee That I am not Like Those Evangelical Trump Supporters” — “Religious scorn should not flow from our voting choices.”

This embrace of Trump caused some Christian leaders to react variously with disbelief, astonishment, despair, and, often, complete dismissal.

When religious leaders hold one view (strongly), and the grassroots hold another, it’s a recipe for religious scorn.

What we can’t do is scorn our fellow Christians who vote in ways we do not approve. In years past, I generally had to encourage evangelicals to avoid scorning fellow evangelicals who voted Democrat. Now, perhaps we need exhortation to avoid scorning those who vote for Donald Trump.

I get the concerns. Trump has made offensive comments, holds positions with which I deeply differ, and is like no candidate we’ve seen in recent history.

Yet, I am also worried that—whether he is elected president or not—the reaction to Trump’s campaign may harm the evangelical wing of the Church.
Here’s why:

Many evangelical leaders are embarrassed by the evangelical support of Trump. That’s reality. Yet, some of those leaders are responding poorly. Our gut reaction is to dismiss his supporters as not being “real” evangelicals, and to question their faith.

I’d like to suggest a different approach.

Rather than looking down with scorn on evangelical Trump supporters, perhaps we should sit down with them, listen to them, and hear their concerns.

There is a struggle evident. There is a lot of “I disagree” that is quite fuzzy – even fuzzier than Trump’s positions. There is an evident distaste for the person bleeding over to finding reasons to oppose – the kind of approach that leads to hate and even violence. There is a complete absence of consideration for the alternative. There is the absence of what actually is in favor of concern raised to new heights about what might be. There is the them vs us problem when it really is all us.

“we should sit down with them, listen to them, and hear their concerns” is loaded with hubris and exactly the human phenomena that started the column: “In the 18th chapter of Luke’s Gospel, Jesus tells a story about two men who go up to the temple to pray.”

Perhaps by listening, one can learn that one is being guided by fears when those ‘others’ are being guided by actual events and happenings. More than anything else, the evangelicals favoring Trump weight what they know and not what they fear. This includes knowing that Trump is bombastic and whatnot but it also includes knowing that his opposition doesn’t just talk the lie but walks the lie. The difference is important and shows in that Trump has been successful but his opposition has not. Ed struggles with this and many in his congregation are trying to tell him something. We can hope that he listens to them and to Jesus .

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The real problem: blind?

Peter Dorman: The Climate Movement Needs to Get Radical, but What Does that Mean? — “A Delayed Review of This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs the Climate by Naomi Klein.”

what I find diagnostic is the warm reception it received from virtually every media outlet on the English-speaking left. This suggests that Klein is moving with the political tide and not against it, and that the problems that seemed obvious to me were either invisible to her reviewers or regarded as too insignificant to bring up. The view that capitalism is a style of thinking, progress is a myth, and political contestation is irrelevant to “true” social change belongs not just to this one book but to all the commentators who found nothing to criticize. That’s the real problem.

Critical thinking? Examination of conclusions and opinions? Consideration of implications, costs, and benefits? All by the board. That is a real problem.

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via Instapundit

“To assent to obvious lies is to co-operate with evil, and in some small way to become evil oneself. One’s standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed.”

Theodore Dalrymple in a 2005 interview with Jamie Glazov of Front Page magazine.

“In any case, individuals need not believe the lies of an ideology so much as behave as though they do, or at least tolerate them in silence or get along with those who work with them. “For by this very fact, individuals confirm the system, fulfill the system, make the system, are the system,” Havel says.”

The Rise Of The Same-Sex Marriage Dissidents,” Mollie Hemigway in the Federalist in 2014, exploring Vaclav Havel’s 1978 essay on Czechoslovakia under Soviet control, “The Power of the Powerless.

Integrity is a necessity, not a nicety.

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Ideal gas law vs the NFL

Reason and reality don’t seem to make much of an impact on behavior these days. Scientists weigh in against the NFL’s war on physics and Tom Brady makes it clear that science isn’t at issue but rather the power politics about who is in charge.

If you’re not an American football fan, think of this as a story of a $13 billion company that can’t get its head around basic science.

Consider this further bit of analysis. The scientists gathered temperature data for more than 10,000 NFL outdoor games since 1960. They assumed a locker-room temperature of 70 degrees Fahrenheit and that footballs were inflated to 13 pounds per square inch of pressure ahead of each game, and found that 61% of games would have been played in temperatures that would lead to “deflated” footballs as judged by the NFL.

That’s like in the WBCCI, the Airstream RV association, where the Trustees seem to think their job is to serve the Company and supervise the members instead of serving the members by supervising the Company. Power goes to people’s heads and can create situations where reality and reason get set aside.

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Cowperthwaite and Hong Kong

Every now and then there is a civil servant who makes a difference. The Most Powerful Wealth Generator There Is is the story of one such colonial administrator.

At some point during our first conversation I managed to irk him by suggesting that he was chiefly known “for doing nothing.” In fact, he pointed out, keeping the British political busy-bodies from interfering in Hong Kong’s economic affairs took up a large portion of his time. Throughout Sir John’s tenure in office, the British political elite tried to impose its own ailing socialist economic model on Britain’s colonies, including Hong Kong. Sir John managed to quash all such attempts and Hong Kong benefited as a result.

The answer to growth is as simple as that. Liberty, the ability to own your own property, make your own mistakes and chart your own destiny is the key to growth for everybody. When you are free to pursue wealth, wealth happens. That’s because when people make free exchanges, both sides benefit from the exchange. When that happens, business and civilization thrive and grow.

and then there’s Venezuela…

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DHMO scares, now its DNA food labeling

Getting people to sign up to ban diHydrogen Monoxide (aka water) is an old joke that comes up now and then, But, wait! there’s a new one! Wapo reports: New study confirms that 80 percent of Americans support labeling of foods containing DNA

Nearly all food contains DNA, and there is no good reason to warn consumers about its presence. As McFadden and Lusk and explain, the survey answers on this subject are an indication of widespread scientific ignorance, proving that many of the respondents “have little knowledge of basic genetics.” Other data from the study also support this conclusion, including the fact that 33 percent of respondents believe that non-GMO tomatoes do not contain any genes, and 32 percent think that vegetables have no DNA. Our vegetables would be blissfully free of DNA if not for the nefarious corporations who maliciously insert it into the food supply!

More generally, the problem of public ignorance about genetics is just one part of a broader pattern of widespread ignorance about numerous public policy issues, both scientific and otherwise. The problem is not that voters are too stupid to learn basic facts about scientific and political issues, but that they have too little incentive to do so.

Sadly, there is no easy solution to widespread scientific and political ignorance. In my work on the subject, I have argued that the most promising approach is to limit and decentralize the power of government, which would enable us to make more of our decisions in settings where we have stronger incentives to become well-informed. At the very least, we should recognize that we have a serious problem with voter ignorance, and that majority public opinion is often a very poor guide to policy.

It isn’t only science. Consider the problem WBCCI Trustees have when it comes to understanding their organization’s tax exempt status. It takes work to demolish ignorance and even more work to actually make effective decisions. It is just much easier to put a label on things warning about fears whether they are well founded or not. 

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Robert Tracinski takes on the ignorant idealism of the 60’s in Imagine No Possessions, Imagine Venezuela — “John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ gave us a fantasy vision of socialism. Venezuela is showing us the brutal reality.”

It began by imagining no possessions. Private property and private businesses and private profit were supposedly the source of everyone’s problems, so the Venezuelan government set out to get rid of them, with Chavez issuing a notorious set of 49 decrees in 2001 that gave him vast power over the economy. He used this power to seize private factories and expropriate foreign owners of Venezuelan firms—ensuring that no foreign investors would want to put a single dollar into the country for the foreseeable future.

There’s a lot of other baggage that comes with “idealistic” worldview of socialism. John Lennon also asked us to “imagine there’s no heaven” and “no religion.” This was not just about atheism, but about a range-of-the-moment outlook in which we were supposed to be “living for today.” Living in the present because “now is all there is” was a really big thing in the 1960s. The hippies wanted us to be like the lilies of the field and take no thought for the morrow.

That’s one thing socialism has delivered on. It’s easy to live only for today when long-term planning has become impossible and you have no idea where your next meal is coming from.

These truths about the fundamental inhumanity of socialism are old news, and we didn’t need to see any of it confirmed again in Venezuela. In fact, it had all been demonstrated over and over again before John Lennon came along. When he wrote “Imagine,” it was no longer necessary for anyone to imagine the actual real-world meaning of socialism.

What you need your imagination for is to continue to evade them.

And yet the yearning over-rides reality. Again and again the massacre and suffering is put in front of us yet still it makes no dent, stimulates no learning.

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The state propaganda machine interpreting court rulings

The case was about religious freedom but The press tries its best to downplay a serious defeat for the Obama administration.

Anyone still naïve enough to rely on the legacy media for unvarnished news will have gone to bed Monday evening believing that the Supreme Court evaded its duty regarding Little Sisters of the Poor v. Burwell. Countless headlines had declared that the Court decided to “punt,” “skirt,” or otherwise dodge any meaningful action concerning the challenge to the HHS contraception mandate. In reality, SCOTUS handed the Little Sisters and the other petitioners with whom the Court consolidated their case a major victory in their protracted battle to defend religious liberties against the depredations of the Obama administration’s bureaucrats and lawyers.

In a unanimous opinion, the justices vacated all lower court rulings against the Little Sisters and the other petitioners. The term “vacated,” in this context, means that the Court has rendered those adverse decisions legally void. And the justices didn’t stop there. In order to protect the petitioners from further financial harm, they informed the Obama administration that it “may not impose taxes or penalties on petitioners” pursuant to their continued refusal to abide by the contraception mandate or the so-called accommodation. Finally, the Court remanded the cases back to the relevant lower courts “for further proceedings consistent with this opinion.”

All the Court had to do, then, was remand the cases to the lower courts with the following admonition, “Both parties agree that there is enough flexibility in the law and the regulation to find a compromise, so fix it!” And that’s what the Court did on Monday. Despite the dishonest reporting of the “news” media, the Court hasn’t punted, skirted, dodged, or passed on anything. The Obama administration was forced to admit that it has wasted the Supreme Court’s time on something that could have been resolved at the district court level. But the government doesn’t want resolution. It wants obedience. And it certainly gets that from the media.

This is on top of media interviews with guffaws about how the Administration used lies to sell its position on Obamacare and Iran Nuclear Programs, lies that the Democrats are opposing investigating in a solid block much as they have been blocking investigations into the Benghazi lies and deceit. Propaganda is one thing. Partisan political support for it as we are seeing now does not bode well.

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