WoW! Loaded! Lies are their daily bread

MSM Really Earning ‘Enemy of the People’ Status During Riots. Stephen Kruiser – “Almost every member of the MSM truly believes that he or she is an anointed warrior in the battle to unseat President Trump. There is no journalistic integrity, only a mission to spin a narrative that is damaging to the president, like this:”

“The MSM propaganda machine has continued to use words like “peaceful” and “protesters” for the last several days to make any pushback seem excessive. The president hasn’t threatened to use the military against protesters, of course. He has said, however, that he would deploy the military against rioters. ABC News knows that, as do the rest of the MSM.

Willfully lying and thereby endangering the public really does earn them “Enemy of the People” status. I attack the MSM in writing because every one of them is deserving of scorn and derision right now and that probably won’t change even after Trump is out of office. They’ve become that bad.

Even GWB, 43, has jumped on this bandwagon. You’d think the Chief Justice would be enough to damage his reputation but now he shows how pique has become more important than country. Glen Reynolds at Instapundit on GWB: “But if he cared, he would have done something about it while he was President. But he doesn’t want to fix the problem, he just wants to blame people for it.” Variations on this sentiment abound. It is a crying shame what has happened to the former president.

Yes, Trump Can Use Military To Quell Spreading Riots — And He Should, If States, Cities Fail To Do The Job. I & I Editorial Board – “many in the Democratic Party, including former President Barack Obama and current House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, are not exactly covering themselves in glory when they say they “understand” why the violence is happening but can’t quite bring themselves to condemn it.” (and GWB and others Tucker uses to morally equivalence Republicans with Democrats)

“Once the violence began, any effort to ‘understand’ it should have stopped, since that understanding is inevitably exculpatory,” writes Heather Mac Donald in City Journal. “The looters are not grieving over the stomach-churning arrest and death of George Floyd; they are having the time of their lives. You don’t protest or mourn a victim by stealing oxycontin, electronics, jewelry, and sneakers.”
This is not “peaceful” protest, as Mac Donald points out. It’s a dangerous insurrection fueled by extremist, far-left elements of Antifa, which get succor and support from so-called “progressives” in the Democratic Party. They are supporting terrorists, and they know it.
Nonetheless, some assert the use of U.S. troops of any kind to end these riots is illegal or at least questionable. They cite the Posse Comitatus Act, passed in 1878, that prohibits the use of federal troops in most cases.

But they’re wrong. Because one of the things that the law, passed during Reconstruction after the Civil War, did was include the much-older Insurrection Acts, dating from 1807.
This violence is a sickness in our body politic far worse than COVID-19. Declaring Antifa a terrorist group is only the first step to finding a cure. We must stop Antifa and its allies from transforming America’s constitutional republic, based on individual rights, democracy and rule of law, into something quite different: A far-left, one-party, dictatorial dystopia with no rights at all.

ZeroHedge has several items on the riots of note by Tyler Durden:

Poll Finds Clear Majority Of Americans Want Military To Help Police Deal With Riots – “the silent majority has spoken.”

“We Came To Riot”: Illinois Man Arrested With Cache Of Explosives – “This gold encrusted arrestee is Matthew Lee Rupert, 28, who was arrested in Chicago trying to pass out explosives – allegedly much like the two attorneys arrested in New York.” … “It is clear that radicals are flocking to hot spots to foster rioting and attacks on police.”

Criminal Gangs Who Ransacked NYC Arrived In Chauffeured Cars, Used Power Tools, Witnesses Say – “Witnesses who spoke to these officers claimed they saw looters who showed up in separate vehicles work together in large groups to facilitate the looting that broke out in retail areas in Soho, Fifth Ave. and elsewhere.” … “Officers who spoke with ABC 6 said the crews who “worked” the lootings clearly had a sophisticated communications system relying on text messages, messaging apps and lookouts.”

Media Lied; Police Confirm No Tear-Gas, Flash-Bangs Used Ahead Of Trump’s Church Visit – “Officers found “caches of glass bottles, baseball bats, and metal poles hidden along the street,” and that “intelligence had revealed calls for violence against the police,”

“So the question is – who benefits from the media’s decision to run with the exaggerated claims of tear-gas use to clear the way for a Trump photo-op? And why did the media, en masse, publish this endlessly with no fact checks? Will Twitter label all the tweets retroactively as lies?

But, for the Left and its penchant for digging in, consider Vox: US Park Police denies using tear gas on peaceful protesters. Evidence suggests otherwise – “The official statement raises more questions than it answers.” They are deeply invested. In the ‘peaceful protestors’ and ‘violent police’ narrative Why?

Media Makes 3 False Claims That Tear Gas Was Used On Peaceful Protesters for Trump Church Visit. Daniel Greenfield – “A good rule of thumb is that the media lies. It often does this by accepting false narratives and rebroadcasting them without checking the facts.”

Babylon Bee: Episcopalians Confused By Strange Book Trump Brought To Church

That photo of Hitler holding the Bible like Trump did? Photoshopped, of course. Neo – “But the left doesn’t care. Why should they? Lies are their daily bread. And they work. I wager that a few months from now, most Democrats will still think the photo’s real, and even if they don’t they still will be making excuses for why it expresses A Higher Truth.”

431 Law Enforcement Officers Were Injured in the Black Lives Matter/Antifa War. Ibid – “These aren’t protests. They aren’t riots. This is a war.” … “The Left has gone to war against America. Their organizations, backed by money from the Ford Foundation, Hollywood celebrities, and even the Biden campaign, have terrorized cities, destroyed countless small businesses, and inflicted a wartime toll on the police officers on the front line.”

Democrats at War. David Horowitz – “A major party joins the enemy.”

“Yet these seditious Democrat attacks on the commander-in-chief in the midst of the war against an invisible enemy maintained a cover of plausibility because of the uncertainties surrounding the virus and how it was spread. This mask was dropped when a civil insurrection erupted in the wake of the horrific police murder of George Floyd.

Chuck Schumer Calls for Probe into Treatment of Protesters Outside White House. Amy Furr – ““Secretary [of Defense Mark] Esper, General [Mark] Milley should not allow the U.S. military to come within a country mile of these ugly stunts,” he stated in remarks given from the Senate floor”

Gretchen Whitmer has her ‘let them eat cake’ moment. Thomas Lifson – “Michigan’s Governor Gretchen Whitmer has become a laughingstock for imposing draconian lockdown restrictions on her constituents while her own family violates them.” … “The mind boggles at the potential disasters that would happen when people try to cut their own hair.”

Maine Governor Blocks Restaurant Openings, Advises Selling Food to Prisons. Dr. Susan Berry – “Mills’ decision to block the restaurants from reopening as the vacation season is underway, caused an uproar among business owners who had already purchased sufficient food for potential customers, called back employees, and implemented health and safety measures,”

“In a statement to Breitbart News, Maine Rep. Larry Lockman (R) said Mills “imposed martial law lite” on Mainers back on March 18.

“Her dictatorship has been marked by no less than 55 executive orders,” he said. “The first one forced restaurant owners statewide to close their dining rooms, without any prior notice, and toss the contents of their food lockers into the dumpster. Now she’s sucker-punched dining establishments in Maine’s three southern-most counties with her flip-flop on re-opening.”
Last week, a federal judge allowed to stand Mills’ order requiring tourists to self-quarantine for two weeks after entering Maine, which is known as “Vacationland.”

The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) filed a statement of interest in support of a lawsuit by campground and restaurant owners.

Coronavirus, gun sales – and a new gun control. Travis Olander – “Anti-gun advocates and left-leaning lawmakers are also taking the opportunity to introduce a series of new gun control legislations with some draconian measures.” … “While the nation grapples with a pandemic and violent protests, Senate Democrats have made it clear they intend to pursue gun control as a hot-button topic during a polarizing election year.”

The Forgotten Man. John Hinderaker – “We can add that the owner of the gas station has stood up for Vechirko, who reportedly was the only driver at his company willing to deliver a tanker load to war-torn South Minneapolis.” A true hero here but …

“Scott referred to the fact that he was defamed by House Majority Leader Ryan Winkler. This was part of an absurd effort by left-wing politicians, from Governor Tim Walz on down, to blame the looting and arson that they failed to control on “white supremacists.” That theory is too dumb for words, but Winkler tweeted, just after the incident occurred:
The House Majority Leader’s tweet was a complete lie. Vechirko is not a “white supremacist,” and his truck contained neither such imagery nor a Confederate flag. Winkler apparently made the whole thing up, seeking political advantage from an entirely innocent episode. Minnesota is suffering a crisis in its political leadership, and Majority Leader Winkler and Governor Tim Walz are two key reasons why.

Rioters for Trump? (2). Steven Hayward – “ask yourself if the weak responses of the Democrats in the face of the current scene make swing voters more likely to vote for them in November.”

“The broader point here is that peaceful protest and conventional political activism worked to gain public sympathy and results, but that the civil rights movement squandered this hard-won public sympathy when it indulged the “riot-as-legitimate-response” mentality that is the dominant attitude of the left once again. And thus the left is likewise squandering public sympathy and support for a serious look at police practices and governance (though I suspect that’s exactly what the far left wants).

And the winner is… Thomas Lifson – “There is one big… wait, make that yuuge winner in the sacking of major American cities that has been underway.” … “having the owner of the Washington Post profiting from rioters, that newspaper’s coverage of what it euphemizes as “demonstrators” needs to be taken with a grain of salt.”

It takes an African black to understand what Black Lives Matter really is. Andrea Widburg – “she wanted the Black Lives Matter crowd to know that she thinks they’re all a bunch of phonies and hypocrites. As Yumga sees it, they don’t care at all about black lives because they ignore the way blacks routinely mow each other down in Chicago.” She meets the Karens in the video.

“You can bet your bottom dollar that Karen 1 and her clone, Karen 2, are both college graduates. That’s where they learn that Karen tone and the Karen stupidity that makes them think they know more about the black experience than blacks do.

Eventually, the crowd of white and black people start calling Yumga a race traitor, while Karen 2 also insists that Yumga leave. She is, after all, interrupting the narrative.

My University’s Betrayal of Truth – “I’ve quickly come to realise the greatest intellectual challenge my generation faces is the barrage of cultural revisionism, left-wing indoctrination, post-modernism and the fabrication of history.” … “Our postmodern age has rejected reason, and we must return to the discipline of scholarship founded in truth.”