Careless with the allegations

Things the NeverTrumpers must believe (in no particular order). Thomas Lifson – “This is the implicit set of values and goals that they must now embrace”

Schiff: Declassifying Crossfire Hurricane data is “un-American”. Ed Morrissey – “This accusation is a little rich coming from Schiff and other leading Democrats. They have just spent the last several weeks demanding the full publication of the unredacted report from Robert Mueller, which would not only illegally expose grand-jury testimony but also the same kind of intelligence that Barr will review for declassification.”

“Besides, Schiff’s argument gets the entire issue reversed. Trump isn’t ordering intelligence agencies to spy on his political enemies; he’s asking Barr to review the material they’ve already collected to see if that’s what happened in 2016. Schiff is suffering a clear case of projection.

Even the Washington Post seems a little puzzled by the claim
Color me skeptical still that this will uncover any grand conspiracy in either direction. Almost everyone, probably especially the previous administration, expected Hillary Clinton to win so much that it would have been silly to risk such an operation.
Abusing those powers to interfere with elections actually is “un-American.” And Americans have the right to know whether that’s what happened in 2016, especially after the collapse of the Russia-collusion hypothesis as probable cause.

Nevada joins Texas birth-control lawsuit. Las Vegas Review Journal (now nagware) – “Nevada Attorney General Aaron Ford is intervening in a Texas federal lawsuit to protect coverage for free birth control under the Affordable Care Act.” Activism on the Left knows no bounds.