The art of impediment

Michael Laprarie describes how political opposition became a means to inhibit and obstruct lawful policy expression. The stimulus is from recent statements of the President that are misrepresented as asserting that the president personally authorized illegal torture.

As far as I am concerned, the real impediment to an honest dialog about the deprogramming, softening, and and interrogation of captured terrorists has been from the Democrats, because their primary objective has not been to protect America, but to exact revenge upon the Bush Administration. This is most evident in the incredible hypocrisy of their professed horror at the treatment of prisoners at Guantanamo, while they knew — AND APPROVED — of prisoner interrogation methods almost from the get-go:

This is a reminder of that story tale about The Boy Who Cried Wolf. The political opposition has so marked themselves by their ‘oppose at any cost to reason’ that it becomes difficult in the extreme to have any rational discussion of important issues. Let us hope that the stigma of ‘crying wolf’ can fade so that when a wolf does appear at the door the neighbors will not turn a deaf ear to the plea for help.

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