Propaganda checkout

Getting to the truth of the matter can be a bit more difficult than listening to what is fed through the MSM or listening to Senator Boxer in a confirmation hearing.

According to anti-war leftists, as well as a few frustrated conservatives, America’s losing the war in Iraq. I’ve repeatedly shown this perception is wrong, and not shared by Iraqis.

Anyone genuinely interested in the facts should review three sorts of sources: military blogs (Glenn Reynolds lists some), Iraqi blogs (such as Iraq the Model), and Arthur Chrenkoff (whose weekly Extra round-up alternates between Iraq and Afghanistan and also appears on the WSJ’s Opinion Journal).

A recent post from milblogger Blackfive is further confirmation. Blackfive, a former paratrooper now in Iraq, says the mainstream media’s news is nonsense [Carl Actual Facts vs. Press Fiction No Oil for Pacifists 15ja04]

The Senator did not correctly represent the resolution she quoted in order to impugn the integrity of a nominee. Even Senator Kerry in the same hearings had some problems with what he remembered about allies and offers of help and assistance. The common thread was doom and gloom and pessimism about Iraq. Try the links. Go find out for yourself just how bad it really is. You might be surprised and end up hopeful.

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