What’s wrong with science

Real Climate claims it is “climate science from climate scientists” and that sort of claim alone should raise a skeptics eye (science is evident and not claim). The year in review provides an excellent illustration of why skepticism should be warranted.

The post is a list of negatives. It starts with “most clueless US Politician” and provides a quote that refutes its premise, but only if read with care and an open mind. Note that care and an open mind in assessing data are hallmarks of excellence in scientific inquiry and their lack here is indicative of something else.

What this post illustrates is hubris, which is not a quality that leads to good science. When someone knows better than others even to the point of not seeing their own ‘naked emperor‘ they can suffer as in that fair tale.

It is a significant contrast to its nemeses, those it ridicules and impugns. That contrast alone should cause one to wonder about the climate science, or any other science, being espoused at Real Climate.

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