Who’s the enemy?

The fourth estate is a part of the fifth column. To see this, you can contrast the stories you see in the MSM with a series looking in the other direction in Iraq by Chrenkoff. You can also take a look at one such comparison that has been done for you with a conclusion about its consequenses.

Ironically, the press freedom that we have brought to this part of the world is providing support for the enemy we fight. I obviously think it’s a disgrace when many on whom the world relies for news paint such an incomplete picture of what actually has happened. Much too much is ignored or omitted. I am confident that history will prove our cause right in this war, but by the time that happens, the world might be so steeped in the gloom of ignorance we won’t recognize victory when we achieve it. [LTC Tim Ryan, CO, 2/12 Cav, 1st Cav Div; Aiding and Abetting the Enemy: the Media in Iraq; Blackfive Military 14ja05]

There is another interesting analysis of this phenomena that provides an historical comparison

The first indications that something was going seriously wrong in Vietnam started to be noticed about two years into our “advisory” role in that conflict. Around 1963 young reporters like Niel Sheehan and David Halberstam started getting interviews from battlefield commanders like then-Lieutenant Colonel John Paul Vann that directly contradicted the far rosier accounts coming from Saigon and being reported without question in the mainstream media.

So, with this technology, what are we hearing two years into this conflict? From reporters trapped in the green zone, trying not to repeat the mistakes of their all-too-approving editorial ancestors and unable to see the manipulation they’re being subjected to, we get utter and complete negativity. From soldiers on the front lines, who actually see what’s going on, who fight, bleed, and die for this cause, we get… cautious optimism. Profound disappointment that their own message doesn’t seem to be “getting out”. Even approval of how the leadership is carrying on the broader strategies of the war. The polar opposites of then and now are striking. [scott; Aiding and Abetting? AMCGLTD. 17ja05]

Whatever the reasons or the motivations, the fact is that we are now able to more easily find out what is really going on – if we engage in an exercise in intellectual integrity. We can weigh different sources, differing views, and differing opinions to determine what is really going on and how certain we can be that we have a good insight. You no longer have to depend upon Cronkite distance but can find first hand accounts and a multitude of analyses to help you be effectively informed in your own views.

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