Witch hunt: tortured

The witch hunt continues.

Nearly every element of this narrative is dishonest

The release of Carl Levin’s report on the Bush Administration’s alleged “torture” policies was a formality: The Senator’s conclusions were politically predetermined long ago. Still, the credulity and acclaim that has greeted this agitprop is embarrassing, even by Washington standards.

Torture and death counts are two of the major obsessions distorting the reality in some circles. They get many allegations – often proven without basis as the current one about Blackwater is providing yet another example – and they get repeated investigations and commissions. The technique is to keep trying to prove the false reality until somehow it can be supported in some way.

On this one “We know that the most aggressive tactic ever authorized was waterboarding, which was used in only three cases against hardened, high-ranking al Qaeda operatives” – There has been no allegation of any serious nature that the so called ‘torture’ is anything worse than college frat pranks or techniques we use on our own soldiers in training. Yet still there is the crowd that is trying to elevate themselves by criminalizing those they do not like.

The effort now is to criminalize the leadership of the USA and its defense efforts. That is a base political ploy that feeds directly to the hands of foreign enemies and their propagandists. They had vile words for this sort of behavior in the past but no one dares utter them these days, it seems.

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