Smearing the line for political opportunities

NRO has a rundown on Torturing the Evidence that illustrates how obfuscating legal issues is being used as a political weapon. The issue at hand is the torture controversy.

The torture narrative is at odds with the facts. The U.S. does not have a policy of torturing captives, nor does it fail to abide by its obligations under the Geneva Conventions. When abuse has occurred, steps have been taken to punish the wrongdoers and rectify military practices. Those efforts will continue. A sober study would have made that clear. Congressional Democrats have instead found it expedient to smear the administration, the military, and the intelligence community for political purposes.

This is one topic about which there is near universal agreement: torture is bad. What is happening is that some think they can set themselves as morally superior with this sentiment by pretending that their political opponents do not share their views and are, therefore, evil. The problem is that such a process has no integrity and that serves no productive civil or social need.

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