Gotta’ read this: Kurt responds to a Cease and Desist letter

Audioholics has the story: Blue Jeans Cable Strikes Back – Response to Monster Cable

Not long ago we reported that Monster Cable had issued a cease and desist letter to Blue Jeans Cable about their Tartan cables. Little did the lawyer drones over at Monster know that Kurt Denke, the president of Blue Jeans was, in a former life, a lawyer by trade. Oops! Someone pushed around the wrong “small” company! While we are no legal experts, we recognize humor when we see it. And this is funny. With Blue Jeans Cable’s permission, we’ve included their full response to Monster’s letter below. We even discussed it before its release on AV Rant. Kurt wants to keep this entire process completely open to the public and we’re more than happy to oblige. Enjoy.

The issue at hand is patent trolling and business ethics. As the response describes it:

“there is little doubt that making baseless claims of trade dress infringement and design patent infringement is an improper business tactic, which can give rise to unfair competition claims, and for a company of Monster’s size, potential antitrust violations with treble damages and attorneys’ fees.”

This kind of business behavior taints the purpose of patents and trademarks. That is why a ‘stand up to bully’ type response is heartening – and Kurt Denke’s sense of humor only helps its digestibility.

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