The basis of the argument is getting educated

Maggies Farm notes an important point in many popular arguments about science theories and ideas in God and Science.

My experience has been that scientists and mathematicians tend to be humble about their ability to find ultimate Truths. It’s non-scientists and those without scientific education who seem more likely to view science as a potential embodiment of Truth rather than as a collection of methods, data and theories – all of which change over time.

That is why these are often arguments rather than debates. Even some who should know better forget that science is very much aware of its limitations. That is why accuracy and precision and the difference between them is so important in laboratory science. Anyone with experience in science or even in human cognition is aware that ideas grow and change and become refined or adapted to new context or new findings. Science is about reality, not Truth. Getting those concepts distinct is a first necessity towards resolving arguments about such things as evolution, climate change, or other such politically or religiously charged topics.

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