An example of bias

Dan K. Thomasson provides a good one with his commentary Guns in the parks:

As a parting shot from the Bush administration, courtesy of the gun lobby, those who seek the solitude and beauty of some national parks and wildlife refuges will face the fact that the visitor standing next to them just may be packing heat and is ready to use it at the first sign of any unfriendliness, such as an argument over a camping space.

in other words: everyone with a firearm is a raving lunatic that threatens you and it is all the President’s fault.

How long now before the cheerful sounds of the meadows and forests of the great American set-asides are drowned out by the sound of gunfire? Is that a bit hysterical? Probably, but it is just as hysterical to believe that it is necessary to carry a firearm wherever one goes. I eagerly await the cards and letters and vicious e-mails that will undoubtedly follow.

Oh those awful gun carrying whatevers; and anticipating how they will lambast me. Note the ‘tude, the hubris and the contempt for those who might disagree with him.

One should also note the complete absence of any mention about individual rights and responsibilities in this column.

There is another point of view. The bias is in not only ignoring that point of view but in misrepresenting it. That sort of bias does not have intellectual integrity and should be detected and dismissed as incompetent.

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