Know with too much certainty

Communicating the Truth about Climate Change points out the fact that some science blogs present knowing things a bit better than you as a reason to distort the truth.

A teaching fiction is one thing. Its purpose is to simplify and focus to facilitate learning and understanding. It is a starting point.

Framing and spinning have a different purpose. These techniques are those of propaganda whose goal is to sell a point of view. It is an ending point.

Science is a learning process and not a selling process.

Many scientists—I am one— believe that scientists have to tell the truth no matter how much it might confuse the general public. We believe that evidence-based conclusions are the one thing that separates science from pseudoscience and scientists should never compromise the truth.

Science is never at a capital ‘T’ Truth as it assumes there is always more to be learned. Those who know with certainty are talking about that capital ‘T’ Truth and, in doing so, proclaim they are about ideologies and religions – not science.

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